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Item #: SCP-040

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-040 is to be detained in a large room of any make, furnished as to a normal child's bedroom. All personnel in the area are to be armed with pistols and rifles of a nonlethal type, containing powerful tranquilizers. Subject is to be given anything it so wishes, so long as it does not defy standard security protocol, and is to be fed three (3) times a day, also whatever it wishes. Subject is to never be left alone, even when unconscious. All personnel dealing with SCP-040 are to be perfectly content with their lives, and have no hidden or deep desires, and will be psychologically cross examined before coming into contact with subject. As long as SCP-040 is kept preoccupied, it will likely abstain from the use of its abilities, except in the case of contact with someone with a desire. If SCP-040 displays any of its inherent abilities, it is to be immediately tranquillized. Any personnel or objects affected by SCP-040's abilities are to be immediately tranquilized and kept for indefinite study.

Subject is currently contained within Bio-Research Area-12, along with all of the results of SCP-040's abilities.

Description: SCP-040 is a young girl of indeterminate age, although rough estimates would put her in the five to ten (5-10) age bracket. Subject is one (1) meter in height and of a normal child's build. Pigmentation is unusual, having light pink hair, and heterochromia, one iris being green, and the other being yellow. The sclera in the yellow eye is also black. Skin is pale, and reacts adversely to an overexposure to light.

SCP-040 has the archetypal mentality and intelligence of a child of her age, if slightly above average. Psychological tests indicate no mental problems or issues, although at times, subject will display extreme loneliness or delusions of grandeur. When experiencing either, extreme caution is to be taken, as this is when most activity regarding SCP-040's abilities occurs.

Subject is wearing a living organism, which changes according to SCP-040's will, or the environment SCP-040 is in. Garment has been seen to change between various textures and sizes, from being smooth and covering less than fifty percent (50%) of subject's body whilst being exposed to high surrounding temperatures, to being furred and covering over ninety percent (90%) of the subjects body when faced with a low surrounding temperature. Attempts to remove SCP-040 from this garment have proven fruitless. The organism instantly heals all damage to itself, and seems to survive on the dead skin cells and dirt on SCP-040's person. Garment also reacts to danger, and attempts to shield SCP-040 from any and all damage.

SCP-040 has the ability to forcibly mutate and "evolve" surrounding matter, apparently via force of will, regardless if said matter is organic or not. Entire new life forms have been created by SCP-040, out of organic and inorganic substances and objects, i.e. both living and dead animals and plants, concrete, steel, plastic and clay. Subject has even been known to mutate objects and integrate metaphysical concepts into them, such as time, energy, and dimension. With this ability, subject is quite capable of breaching the walls of its containment, and those of the entire facility, despite what the wall may be constructed of. When altered, or brought to life, subject may or may not resemble its original state, and may also be altered mentally, if subject possessed such faculties beforehand. Most substances or objects subjected to SCP-040's abilities has expressed a fanatical loyalty to her, with the exception of certain humans.

SCP-040 has also shown to possess unconscious telepathy, unknowingly reading the subconscious mind of those around her. When faced with someone with a deep desire or wish, subconscious or not, SCP-040 will change that person into a physical manifestation of that wish. It appears to be a reflex action that SCP-040 has no control over, and when asked about the incident afterwards, she claims to have no memory of it.

Tests have deduced that subject has an abnormally high central internal body temperature and pressure, upwards of one thousand, six hundred and sixty eight degrees (1668) Celsius and six (6) kiloPascals, despite the fact that SCP-040 has a normal external body temperature and pressure.

Additional: Subject was found in [DATA EXPUNGED].

All of the additional subjects found alongside SCP-040 were taken into custody for research. The surrounding population was mentally purged after careful questioning regarding SCP-040. Population is still being monitored at present time for any resurgence of ████████████ ██████.

Addendum 040-01: In the interest of keeping SCP-040 content and her relation to the organization in high regard, she has been allowed to keep up to four beings altered by her abilities. All four subjects were created from either toys that had been particularly liked by SCP-040, or from items of furniture in the room. Study is ongoing of interaction between SCP-040 and these subjects. Please see file SCP-040-1

Addendum 040-02: After attempting to escape several times, SCP-040 has been allowed supervised time outside the facility, though only in the surrounding uninhabited areas. Hopefully, this action will help SCP-040's mental state, and eliminate the urge for further escape attempts.

Addendum 040-03: After examining the subject, it has been decided to educate SCP-040 in fields expected of an average child. This project is for both the mental growth for SCP-040, and to keep subject as mentally balanced as possible.

Addendum 040-04: Tests have begun to examine SCP-040's effect on dead humans. Although SCP-040 had originally expressed distaste at such an action, she has agreed to undertake the activity. All subjects were not resurrected, but remade into completely new organisms, with no trace of the mindset of the original subject.

Addendum 040-05: SCP-040 occasionally talks to SCP-182, and has expressed a liking of the subject, blushing when SCP-182 is either mentioned, or enters the same room.

Document 040-1048: "Agent ██████ was expressly told to confess to any deep desires or urges he had. Tell him he can stop being a research subject if he's able to stop exuding gold from his fingernails and hair."

Document 040-1049: "So… Agent █████████ is physically the exact same… except for the fact he's now a woman. Well… monitor him for a month or two, and then let him… her, come back to work. And revoke her access to SCP-113, she's made her bed."

Addendum 040-06: It has been hypothesized that SCP-148 would be capable of halting the SCP-040's unconscious telepathy. Tests are pending with approval. (approved)

Addendum 040-07: Experimentation between SCP-040 and SCP-148 has proven Dr. Rupert's hypothesis. SCP-040 must now wear a hair band or other head ornamentation constructed of SCP-148 at all times, allowing the subject to interact with any person regardless of their interests or psychological state. It should also prevent incidents [DATA EXPUNGED] from happening so easily again.

Addendum 040-08: Testing involving SCP-040 and her control over her abilities have commenced.

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