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Item#: SCP-040-1

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-040-1 is to remain in SCP-040's presence at all times. Personnel are advised not to touch SCP-040-1. If SCP-040-1 shows aggression, the offending personnel are to stop whatever action that incited the aggression, although if subject shows unprovoked aggression, SCP-040 is to be reprimanded. If SCP-040-1 takes aggressive action, it is to be immediately tranquilized, and SCP-040 is to be reprimanded.

Description: SCP-040-1 was previously a high backed, quality dark leather armchair before being subjected to SCP-040's abilities. It now barely resembles the original item of furniture, although the base shape of the subject remains the same. It is now, basically, a large quadruped mouth. It has no visible eyes or ears, but does have a pair of very prominent nostrils located at the end of the snout. Teeth are mostly large and flat, much akin to molars, with the exception of a large pair of canines in the front upper row of teeth. Teeth are completely absent from the front bottom row. When mouth is fully open, the upper part of the head is perpendicular to the lower jaw, and subject now much more resembles its original function. Its legs are long and prehensile, and end in a blunted point.

It weighs near 113 kilograms (250 pounds), and is measured 68.5 centimeters (2 foot, 3 inches) when the mouth is closed, and 162.5 cm (5' 4") when mouth is fully open. It has no apparent diet to speak of, and has not show the need to excrete either. Biopsies and tissue samples retrieved from SCP-040-1 have proved to be informative, and data retrieved from such research has [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject secretes no saliva, and has no actual throat, the back of the mouth meeting smoothly with the rear end of the tongue. The inside of the mouth, particularly the tongue, are soft and warm, similar in texture to soft, downy fabrics. This may be due to SCP-040's habit to use SCP-040-1 as a mobile chair, sitting directly in SCP-040-1's mouth a large percentage of the time.

SCP-040-1 has shown the ability to negate or alter its center of gravity, and the direction of the gravity affecting it, effectively allowing it to scale even sheer walls and ceilings with ease. This effect also is passed on to SCP-040 when seated in SCP-040-1. SCP-040 has allowed others to use SCP-040-1 as a seat, but attempting to do so without SCP-040's prior approval is not advised (See Additional Notes).

Additional Notes: Agent Gursh received several injuries, most notably a large stressing of spinal muscles, when he attempted to sit in SCP-040-1 without SCP-040's prior approval. In response, SCP-040-1 snapped its mouth shut, and forcing Agent Gursh into a very uncomfortable position for at least three (3) hours, until SCP-040-1 could be persuaded to let go. The injuries were not very serious, and Agent Gursh has been suitably reprimanded.

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