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Item #: SCP-044

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is kept in a low-security ten (10) foot by ten (10) concrete room, as mandated for all SCP objects.

Description: SCP-044 has the outwards appearance of a plain wooden shipping crate; it is a cube measuring one point five (1.5) meters on each side. On the top-left corner of the side right of the opening, "WARNING: FRAGILE" is stenciled in black paint. The crate's mass is normal for a wooden container of its size. It does not burn and cannot be destroyed by any known method. The panels are held together by nails made of common, low-grade iron. These nails cannot be removed.

One of the sides is held inside a groove and can be slid out with some effort, revealing the inside of the box to be unremarkable. Entering SCP-044 and closing the side has no effect on animals or mechanical devices; cameras will only record static. SCP-044 seems to shield all forms of electromagnetic radiation and sound waves from exiting or entering. Human trials have suggested that the box contains some sort of "higher truth". When a human or sentient lifeform enters the crate and closes the lid, there is an eighty seven percent (87%) chance of instant mental degradation and extreme psychosis coupled with an inability to communicate. All of these subjects have committed suicide within two (2) weeks. However, the thirteen (13%) that survive (due to extreme mental fortitude) have reported seeing an "absolute truth", indescribable to others who have not experienced it.

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