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Item #: SCP-047

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-047 is contained inside of a tightly-bound wooden box. It is to stay inside of the box at all times. Personnel without LEVEL 4 clearance are not permitted to open the box regardless of whether or not they have permission from a LEVEL 4 operative.

At no time should SCP-047 leave Site 45. Any personnel caught attempting to leave with SCP-047 will be immediately terminated.

Description: SCP-047 was discovered in the foundation of the castle in █████████████, Romania in 18██. At the time of its finding a human arm was found still inside the object and the bodies of four thousand, three hundred and twenty-seven (4,327) individuals were excavated around it. Radiocarbon dating has determined that the oldest of these corpses date from the 10th century; the most recent of the corpses were estimated to be no more than a month old at the time of discovery, based on the degree of decomposition.

SCP-047 appears to be a simple iron gauntlet. However, chemical analysis has determined that it is a composite of several different materials, the majority of which are metals, glass, and bone. It has become apparent that wood and rubber are the only materials capable of touching SCP-047 without being absorbed.

Upon coming into contact with humans, SCP-047 will attempt to bond with them through the skin. Tests on Class D subjects have revealed that if allowed to bind itself to a human host, it will begin to affect their mind by causing their body to release large amounts of adrenaline, beta-endorphin and various pain-killing and muscle growing chemicals. This combination of chemicals creates a kind of "assassin's high", that makes the wearer feel an incredible blood-lust. While it is theorized that the user's willpower determines whether or not they will kill, no subject has been able to keep him/herself from killing. SCP-047 is able to change its shape depending on the method of killing the user will find most comfortable. To date, no test subject who has worn the gauntlet has been unaffected and all have either died or suffered severe brain damage.

SCP-047 cannot be removed from a host who is alive and capable of moving. Gas squads are recommended in the termination of test subjects, as other methods will cause SCP-047 to defend itself and enrage the user.

Additional: The code name Spear of Chaos was given to the object in 19██ when Class D subject ██████ ████████ killed an attendant by changing SCP-047's shape to one of a spear, stabbed the attendant in his stomach, reached into his chest cavity and removed his heart. Further mention of incidents can be read in Document #157-C.

Since its discovery, SCP-047 has been determined to be the cause of death for one hundred and forty seven (147) test subjects, fourteen (14) attendants, twenty four (24) guards, ten (10) gas squad members, four thousand, three hundred and forty eight (4,348) civilians and an unknown amount of livestock. As long as SCP-047 remains in its box it appears to be harmless, but it is recommended that the object be contained inside ███████████ to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

It should also be noted that when in the presence of ███████████ the object becomes sentient and capable of moving on its own.

Document #157-C:


October 10, 19██ - Object brought to Site 45.

October 15, 19██ - First test on object conducted. Test subject was able to alter the physical form of SCP-047 without harming his arm. X-rays show that the subject's arm muscles have grown since it was put on, this may explain why it cannot be removed.

October 16, 19██ - Subject and two (2) attendants were found dead this morning by maintenance staff. It appears that while the attendants were checking the subjects vital signs, he attacked and killed them. The test subject then died from an adrenaline overdose.

October 29, 19██ - Second test was ended early today. Test subject became erratic and killed three (3) attendants. Gas squads were called, terminated the subject and SCP-047 was removed.

November 1, 19██ - Third test underway. Dr. Gerald has planned to test if a subject under the influence of SCP-047 would be able to restrain himself/herself from killing friends and colleagues. Dr. Gerald has picked 50 subjects, all of whom are well acquainted, for study within the next month. Meals are to be arranged accordingly.

December 1, 19██ - Friendships and rivalries of the test subjects have been documented. One subject in particular has drawn Dr. Gerald's interest and will be prepared for testing in one (1) week.

December 8, 19██ - Test Subject #1 has been taken from the group and briefed on the subject. Dr. Gerald then attached SCP-047. Subject #1 was then placed in room with other test subjects. No reaction yet.

December 23, 19██ - Test Subject #1 has been able to live with minimal reaction. Dr. Gerald is pleased with the results and plans to release Test Subject #1 tomorrow.

December 24, 19██ - Test Subject #1 escaped during artifact retrieval. He began by killing the nine (9) attendants who were performing the procedure, including Dr. Gerald, whose heart was ripped from his chest. Subject then broke out of the containment area and killed 24 guards. Subject #1 made his way to the cell containing the other test subjects and began killing indiscriminately. After finishing with the other test subjects, he broke into two other cell units, and killed all test subjects within. A total of 144 test subjects were killed. First attempt to terminate subject with gas squad failed. Gas squad arrived at the test subject cells only to be killed by Subject #1. Second gas squad arrived after subject died from adrenaline overdose. Further experiments have been suspended and artifact has been given the title "Spear of Chaos" in honor of Dr. Gerald.

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