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Item #: SCP-049

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-049 is to be kept in a concrete container at least 35.5 centimeters (14 inches) thick. The container is to be kept in a two (2) by one and a half (1.5) meter (seven (7) by five (5) foot) room concrete room. No personnel are permitted to enter the room unless pre-appointed. (EDIT: We are no longer accepting appointments due to abuse of the object and studies showing negative consequences associated with its use.) There must be two (2) guards standing outside of SCP-049's room at all times.

Description: SCP-049 is a New Era, Authentic Collection, Top of the line all wool 59/50 cap, with the official team insignia of the New York Yankees embroidered, Swiss style, on the front. Cap color is a dark, navy blue. An Official MLB logo is on the back. It is a size eight (8) but is known to adjust its size to comfortably fit any human head.

Item was first found in the possession of an unnamed homeless individual roaming the streets of Manhattan (New York City) in 1983. The individual demonstrated extraordinary intelligence, rivaling top statistical analysts, theoretical mathematicians, and physicists. Site 19 personnel posted in the city at the time relieved the NYPD of the man after hearing of his abilities and interrogated him. After many extensive tests and several interviews, the agents realized the man's hat was the source of his superhuman capabilities. He was relieved of the hat and subsequently terminated.

SCP-049 was thoroughly tested, and was shown to give whoever was wearing unnaturally potent powers of logical deduction and intellectual intuition. The IQ of the wearer was not directly measurable, as test subjects tended to alter and "correct" test questions, rather than answering them directly. Any subject wearing SCP-049 for a period of longer than thirteen (13) seconds died within forty eight (48) hours, without known cause other than "simultaneous widespread organ failure". Doctor [EXPUNGED] has formed several theories regarding this phenomenon. (EDIT: Doctor [EXPUNGED] was caught trying to remove SCP-049 from the Facility and was terminated, though it appears he destroyed important data. Logs appear below.)

Doctor [EXPUNGED] Logs:

Experiment Log 0002932: I was intrigued to confirm today that anyone who wears the cap for more than 13 seconds will die within 48 hours. The significance of 13 seconds of exposure and the specifics of the death will be the objective of further experimentation.

Experiment Log 0003201: Though we have made no strides with the importance of 13 seconds of exposure, we have made several discoveries about the details of the death. Apparently, the cap causes the brain and all organs in the body to spontaneously stop functioning. Respiration and circulation stop instantly, even at the cellular level.

Experiment Log 0004830: We have observed the intelligence of the subjects wearing 49, but never before have we noticed the improvements at the cellular level. Apparently the efficiency of all cells containing matching DNA have improved ten-fold, and seem to have developed a link, almost a hive mentality if you will.

Experiment Log 0011032: We have not made any progress with any of our experiments. However, I have noticed that the IQ of the staff who have been constantly observing the experiments to increase greatly. I will look into this as I continue the experiments.

Experiment Log 0018936: One of the personnel inside the testing chamber died instantly during one of the experiments. I had the body immediately examined and the causes of death were the same as test subjects who were exposed to it directly. Upon examining his work hours I noticed he had been in the same room as the cap for 13 days. While I was accessing the personnel data I also noticed I had been exposed to the cap for 24 days. I will monitor my health and IQ twice a day from now on. I fear for the worst.

Experiment Log 0038302: I was feeling in a most unusually joyous mood today, I noticed the subject was curiously examining a chess board. I bypassed security and challenged the man to a game. I won! Hah! Perhaps the cap's effects are weakening as it is used more. We shall compare current test results to old test results.

Experiment Log 0040001: I never noticed before how silly this IQ test was, I have taken the liberty of re-writing it.

Experiment Log 0040023: All subjects who had direct exposure now score 100 on my re-written IQ test. Perhaps the cap's powers are waning.

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