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Item #: SCP-050

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-050 is to be allowed whatever accommodations or furnishings that he requests (See Document#050-A), barring other SCPs. In the event that SCP-050 requests to change locations, all persons, be they civilian, █████████ Personnel, or otherwise between his current and desired location are to be evacuated until he has relocated. Should SCP-050 request that a certain person or persons be brought to him, they should be retrieved with the utmost urgency, so SCP-050 will not become impatient and seek them out himself (See Incident Report#050-02-A). If he shows signs of restlessness or severe agitation, he may be placated temporarily by either being given a wooden rocking chair to sit in or being approached by any person listed on Document#342-B. All persons requested by SCP-050 are to be immediately added to Document#050-B and detained for examination.

Description: SCP-050 physically resembles a thin, Caucasian male human, approximate age in the late sixties or early seventies. His head is completely bald, lacking even eyebrows and nose or ear hair, with clouded-over gray eyes, much like those suffering from cataracts, though he shows no sign of diminished vision. SCP-050 is unusual in the fact that he was not discovered by ████████████, but instead approached Dr. ██████ ██████████ of [DATA EXPUNGED] on 12/09/19██, demanding to be taken to to Site 23, located at the time in ████████, Rome. When he was detained for questioning, four (4) of the five (5) Level 3 security personnel who arrived to subdue him experienced an as of yet unidentified psychic 'attack', which caused them to suffer instantaneous stroke-like symptoms, terminating them within moments. The surviving woman, a Ms. ████ ███, was left unharmed and escorted him to Site 23 without the use of force.

Addendum#1: SCP-050 has displayed both powerful psychic abilities and precognitive knowledge. How far and detailed this knowledge may be is currently unknown, as SCP-050 refuses to even speak with anyone whom he does not "like" (See Document#050-B for known persons) and even those he will communicate with are refused answers regarding the nature of his abilities. Several attempt to coerce him into revealing information have been made and all have failed, resulting in the deaths of almost all involved; Only those he "likes" are left alive.

Addendum#2: After observing SCP-050's interactions with persons both 'liked' and disliked', Dr. ██████ ██████████ has noted that SCP-050 has a very weak concept of time and will occasionally make remarks about past or future events as though they were current. (See Memo#4) It has been theorized that SCP-050 exists at various points in time simultaneously, or perhaps even outside our concept of time itself, explaining his near omniscient and precognitive knowledge.

Document #050-A: Notes On The Requests

SCP-050 does not appear to need prior knowledge of a person to request them by name and know where they live. Those who are requested do not seem to be connected in any way, other than the fact that SCP-050 "likes" them or thinks they need to be terminated. It is thought that SCP-050 terminates certain people because they have done or will do something to jeopardize the safety of the world. Likewise, those he "likes" are thought to be people who have been or will be beneficial to the world in a dramatic way. (EDIT: SCP-050 has confirmed this upon being asked by Ms. ████ ███) SCP-050 has not yet requested another SCP, though several persons he has requested to speak with have discovered SCPs. As of 7/2/20██, SCP-050 has requested thirty-seven people, nineteen of which he terminated.

Document #050-B: List of Requested Persons

[DATA ENCRYPTED. Level 4 Security Clearance Required]


I'm beginning to think his abilities aren't precognitive in nature, Sam. Today, whilst chatting with ████, he suddenly turned to me and offered his congratulations regarding my son's victory at the basketball tournament. As you well, know, I haven't got a son. Then, when I get home, what should my wife tell me? She's pregnant. Now, it's still far to early to tell, but I'd bet my right arm that this baby will be male. If it is, then I think this lends credence to the theory that [DATA EXPUNGED]

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