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Item #: SCP-051

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-051 is to be secured to a wooden table at all times. Any personnel in the vicinity are to maintain complete silence. Personnel are not to make eye contact with SCP-051 for an extended amount of time.

Description: SCP-051 was placed under supervision of Site 34 on June 8, 1980. Origins unknown. Subject is a four (4) by five (5) inch black-toned, hand-painted ceramic mask. It is adorned with twenty four (24) karat gold and two (2) lavender ribbons. SCP-051 reportedly speaks the name of any personnel in the vicinity (Note: This occurs regardless of whether subject's name has previously been mentioned in SCP-051's presence or not).

Personnel report a variety of "voices" after leaving object's presence. SCP-051 remains inanimate at these times; communication is assumed to be telepathic in nature. Personnel are not to acknowledge this communication in any way in the presence of the object. Doing so has resulted in immediate death by a variety of means (lack of airflow, internal hemorrhaging, bodily ejection of the heart, etc.).

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