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Item #: SCP-052

Object Class: Keter (Previously classified as Euclid until Incident 052-1. See addendum for explanation)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-052, in its current state, does not appear to require any extensive containment. The only procedures required, as of now, are that SCP-052 may not be observed by any personnel lower than Level 3, and that it be kept in a 5 meter by 5 meter containment room, on a 1.2m (4ft) tall pedestal.

Description: SCP-052 appears to be a vintage, untouched snow globe dating back to the year 1950 (approx.). SCP-052 was discovered in a run-down, abandoned laboratory in [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-052 has the ability to change the weather of any city it selects, regardless of season. When any staff are within a 1.5m (5ft) radius of SCP-052, it does not perform any physical modification. When personnel are not inside the containment room of SCP-052, they report the sound of churning from an unknown mechanical structure. When one (1) staff member enters the room after the reported sounds, the visual properties of SCP-052 have changed, in terms of the city within it and the climate in the background.

After the physical traits of SCP-052 are altered, if personnel shake the snow globe then the weather in the area within the globe is immediately changed to the weather displayed. Evidence of this was shown on [DATA EXPUNGED], when SCP-052 had shown Site 19 with small twirls in the characteristics of cartoon wind. When a Level 3 agent shook SCP-052, Site 19 and the surrounding areas instantly experienced harsh winds for approximately three (3) hours. These incidents have occurred on multiple occasions, and how SCP-052 has records of so many locations, secret or not, is currently being researched. It is also being studied as to why SCP-052 refuses to execute any visual shifting actions while any sentient life forms are within the vicinity. SCP-052’s origins are currently unknown.

Addendum: “SCP-052 has now had its Security Clearance upgraded to Level 3. This is due to the carelessness of two (2) now terminated Level 1 personnel. Please note, all Level 3 staff, that if SCP-052 depicts various natural disasters as the weather, DO NOT SHAKE IT! The incident, classified as 052-1, will heretofore be referred to as ‘Hurricane Katrina’ within the public domain. Thank you.” –Dr. Klein.

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