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Item #: SCP-054

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is stored in a watertight underground room. In addition, the walls of the containment area are specially coated with water and corrosion resistant materials. An ornate fountain stands in the center of the room, filled with water. Maintenance personnel are required to wear special non-absorbent clothing while inside the containment area and must spend ten (10) minutes in a special drying room after exiting. In the event of a breach, the surrounding area should be evacuated and cooled to less than zero (0) degrees Centigrade.

The fountain's chemical levels and volume are to be checked every six (6) hours by female personnel only. If it is necessary to replenish the water in the fountain, only highly filtered spring water taken from [DATA EXPUNGED] should be used, as SCP-054 exhibits adverse reaction to impurities. Males are prohibited from entering the containment area, as the subject invariably refuses to manifest in their presence and has been known to attack men.

Description: Out of the water, subject appears to be a female humanoid measuring approximately 1.5m (5ft) in height and comprised entirely of water. When it enters a body of water, it loses form and disappears entirely. It is believed that the subject must return to a body of water occasionally in order to maintain its volume. Initially found in [DATA EXPUNGED], it was moved to the Crete facility for further study. Subject appears to be sentient, and initially hid in the presence of maintenance personnel. After a number of weeks, the creature apparently felt comfortable enough to remain out of the water during routine monitoring, although it retreated when attempts were made to study its composition. SCP-054 has made no attempts at escape, but it did attack one (1) male member of the moving crew when he placed his hand into the fountain.

Addedendum: After five (5) years with no incidents, subject rating has been downgraded to "Safe" on recommendation by Dr. ████████. Caution should still be exercised when interacting with subject.

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