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Item #: SCP-059

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-059 is to be kept in a lead container and immersed in water at all times, in a locked and guarded vault. Access to vault is prohibited to all personnel below Level 3 security clearance, but is inadvisable to all personnel, as biological risks are considerable. Object is to be continuously surrounded by at least one point five (1.5) meters of water on all sides. Personnel are to avoid entering within five (5) meters of the object if at all possible.

Radiation levels are to be monitored constantly using x-ray film; brief spikes are uncommon, but not unusual. All personnel in area are to be inspected daily for symptoms of infection; see below. Those displaying symptoms are subject to indefinite quarantine at biohazard Level 4. In the event of a sustained radiation spike, all personnel in area are to be quarantined immediately and to remain under observation for at least fourteen (14) days. All research on SCP-059 is suspended indefinitely in the interest of secure containment.

Description: SCP-059 is an irregular spheroid of unknown metal composition weighing approximately one point nine (1.9) kilograms. Density is roughly equivalent to liquid mercury (Hg), suggesting composition is an alloy of some sort. Phase profile, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity are unknown. Object exhibits no magnetic properties and rates at least eight (8) on Mohs hardness scale.

SCP-059 is highly radioactive, emitting gamma rays (λ = 3.519x10-16 m) at roughly two hundred fifty (250) kW*m-2, necessitating heavy shielding. Additionally, SCP-059 emits a hitherto unknown form of radiation, apparently unique to the object, tentatively designated 'delta radiation'.

Delta radiation displays a wavelength of approximately 4.5x10-9 m, normally categorized as blue visible light. However, this radiation is invisible to the unaided eye and shows markedly different physical properties. Penetration in solid matter is vastly greater than that of visible light: reducing intensity by half necessitates at least thirty-seven (37) centimeters of solid lead (Pb), rendering standard hazmat equipment effectively useless. Absorption profile in water is proportionately much higher, with 50% reduction occurring after only twenty-five (25) centimeters.

Current operating theory is that the delta wave function is at least partially extradimensional; that is, the photons vibrate along the fourth dimension, interacting with the third only at their nodes. The reason for the efficacy of aquatic containment is unknown. Delta radiation appears to be non-ionizing, but poses a significant biohazard in light of its penetrative qualities.

Humans exposed to sufficient levels of delta radiation quickly manifest symptoms of pathogenic infection, visible as bruise-like patches of blue or grey beneath skin. The pathogen involved has been designated SCP-059-2. All personnel displaying these markings are to be quarantined immediately. Colonies grow slowly in subcutaneous layer, being apparently incapable of penetrating capillaries. Hence, excision of the infected region has proven effective in halting growth in early stages. Once the infection reaches major blood vessels, however, it progresses quickly and cannot be reversed.

Antigenic particles reaching the bloodstream settle in the brain, producing a variety of symptoms. Most subjects complain of headaches and appear disoriented; all patients experience auditory and visual hallucinations of varying character and degree. Beyond these, symptoms are unpredictable, though all patients suffer irreparable brain damage. Approximately 20% of patients experience severe psychotic episodes culminating in violent and/or manic behavior. After this stage, patients lapse into coma and eventually die by respiratory paralysis and cardiac arrest.

SCP-059-2 is apparently some sort of radiotrophic fungus and does not respond to any medication tested thus far. It is possible that the organism is of extradimensional origin and enters this region of space-time in response to radiation from SCP-059. Infection appears to be noncontagious so far; fungus produces no spores and appears only to grow as a single organism, rather than actually reproducing. However, effects suggest that any transmissibility would be catastrophic, resulting in pandemic and widespread death. Hence, SCP-059-2 is classified as a Level 4 biohazard, and samples are to be treated in accordance with UN 2814 procedures.

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