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Item #: SCP-060

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-060 is to be kept in a monitored titanium storage vault at all times. Research done on SCP-060 is to be conducted with pre-existing documentation whenever possible. Direct access to SCP-060 is to be given to operatives with Level 3 security clearance or above only. Anyone attempting unapproved access is to be terminated. Under no circumstances should metal objects of any kind be brought into SCP-060's enclosure, especially ferromagnetic materials. Under no circumstances should SCP-060 ever be exposed to or connected to any kind of electrical charge. In the event that SCP-060 is activated under uncontrolled circumstances, the room is to immediately filled with concrete and sealed.

Description: SCP-060 was found in a coal mine in West Virginia in 1906, though how it got there currently remains a mystery. Thought of as a local curiosity, it was procured by the United States government at considerable cost two (2) years later, and stored in a vault for similar 'curiosities' until its accidental activation in 1923. SCP-060 was collected from the remains of the vault and moved into SCP custody, to be stored at Reliquary Research and Containment Site-76.

SCP-060 is a 4.57m (15ft) long metallic construct, made of a non-terrestrial material. It appears to be a piece of artillery, but shares few similarities with any such armament, modern or ancient in nature. The bulk of the device's size is the barrel, taking up 3.66m (12ft) of the weapon, with the remaining 0.9m (3ft) consisting of three (3) large and powerful magnetic bulkheads, placed on the barrel in a triangle formation. The back end of the barrel is fitted to allow entry of a shell, with a sealing cap on the back end. There is a control panel situated behind the bulkheads, which seems to be damaged beyond repair. A faded insignia is located on one of the magnetic bulkheads, which appears to be an American flag with fifty three (53) stars.

Analysis of the above data suggests that SCP-060 appears to be a mass driver/rail gun designed for military applications. The possible origin of the device remains a mystery, though the flag on the weapon would suggest that it may in the service of the United States Armed Forces some time in the future, or from a separate time-line altogether. Since its recovery much effort has been put into documenting the structure of SCP-060, though nothing substantial has yet been found as to how SCP-060 operates. Additionally, the materials used in the construction of SCP-060 remain unknown; the magnetic bulkheads are by far the most energy-efficient we have been able document, and the material used in the construction of the barrel is virtually indestructible.

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