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Item#: SCP-062

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-062 must be kept in a temperature controlled environment of no less than zero (0) degrees Celsius and no more than thirty five (35) degrees Celsius, as the object will cease to function outside of the specified temperature range. It is advised that SCP-062 be contained within a clean room, as its components may be biological in nature. Any personnel entering the room must go through a sterilization chamber before and after contact with SCP-062 to avoid biological contamination.

Description: SCP-062 has been confirmed to be an advanced quantum computer by our electronics specialist, however, its origins are yet to be determined. The object appears to be terrestrial in design, but the the main language that the object conveys is unknown. Cryptographers believe that the language is a fusion of ████████ and ██████████ dialects, as well as fusion of at least two (2) unknown languages. SCP-062 emits low level x-ray radiation and does not require an outside energy source to power it, suggesting a type of internal reactor or battery. The entire device is simply a screen with no external peripherals. The screen has touch and motion sensing capabilities, and upon startup, a small holographic keyboard is projected about ten (10) centimeters in front of it. Its inner workings are unknown, as the casing of the object is a single piece of what appears to be a smooth bioplastic with no visible seams. The casing is impenetrable, and any method to remove it using current technology would also heavily damage SCP-062's inner workings. The data stored within the computer is encrypted with an unknown code which is yet to be decoded, suggesting that the computer is/was of government or military origin.

Additional: On 3/8/████ a construction crew unearthed a room at the construction site of Site ██. SCP-062 was found in this solitary room, which contained the object itself and an industrial style glass and metal desk. The room itself was simple concrete-backed white paneling, quite similar to many of our rooms used to house safe SCPs. We believe that the room was displaced from its original environment in a temporal accident, most likely conducted by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Once the data has been decrypted and its language decoded, SCP-062 will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to us.

Further Notes: "Some of the technology-savvy Class-D personnel have been arguing over whether or not SCP-062's operating system is a descendant of the Microsoft Inc. or Apple Inc. operating systems. To shut them up, I told them that it was a descendant of Linux. It worked." - Dr. Leichtenstein


Language analysis: On 18/5/20██, Professor ████ was able to decipher the computer's main language, with the help of SCP-808. She displayed an incredible understanding of the device and its workings, the only setback to further progress being the data encryption codes. So far the items of interest contained on the drive have been translated as follows:

  • "List of contained SCPs" (Encrypted)
  • "Lunar/Extra-planetary SCPs" (Encrypted)
  • "How to Create a [DATA EXPUNGED]"
  • "Owner's Manual"
  • "Documents and Logs" (Encrypted)

Addendum 1

If I catch any more Class-D Personnel attempting to find SCP-062's "porn folder", I will not hesitate to send them packing to go monitor the most painful and dangerous Keter class objects. Consider this fair warning. - Dr. Tong

Addendum 2

Yes, it is fun to joke around about whether or not SCP-062 would be able to run Crysis. However, if I find any more bored guards trying to install the damn game onto SCP-062 one more time… You just don't want to do it. Okay? - Dr. Tong

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