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SCP-065 undergoing a severe distortion phase

Item #: SCP-065

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-065 cannot be moved, Site ██ has been established on-site to facilitate containment. Site ██ is labeled as a military research facility on all official maps, and unauthorized personnel and civilians attempting to gain access to the site must be detained and questioned.

Personnel may not enter the Red Zone of SCP-065 at any time. This area is designated by a fully enclosed fence that extends in a 17 meter radius around the center of SCP-065. During a severe distortion phase, all personnel must evacuate the Yellow Zone of SCP-065, designated by a secondary fence that extends in a 108 meter radius around the center of SCP-065.

Observation of and experimentation with SCP-065 may only be performed with prior approval from at least two (2) Level 3 personnel, and researchers observing SCP-065 may not look directly at SCP-065 for more than 60 minutes in any 24-hour period. Personnel exceeding this limit or exposed to a spatial distortion must undergo extensive psychological evaluation before being allowed to return to duty.

Description: SCP-065 is a spherical region of space on a farm near [REDACTED] with a variable radius of effect that fluctuates with no discernible pattern, though the maximum limit is approximately 12 meters in radius. SCP-065 was formed by the destruction of [REDACTED] on-site by the Global Occult Coalition on ██/█/██. The subsequent release of energy and distortion effect resulted in the loss of eleven (11) GOC agents. The Foundation was notified by deep cover agents within the GOC shortly afterward, and the area was quarantined and placed under Foundation control.

To date, all attempts at observing the center of SCP-065 have failed as SCP-065 causes anomalous distortions in all electronic recording equipment as well as still photographs. Human subjects have reportedly observed a [REDACTED] at the center of SCP-065, though as direct observation causes progressive sensory confusion in human subjects, this has not been verified. This effect causes severe migraines after approximately 60 minutes of continuous observation, and coma after approximately 90 minutes. Subjects at the edge of SCP-065's radius have also reported experiencing severe nausea.

Periodically, SCP-065 will undergo a severe distortion phase for approximately 30-45 seconds, with time between occurrences anywhere from between 5 minutes to 72 hours. During this period, the radius of SCP-065 will expand considerably, up to approximately 103 meters during the longest recorded event.

Whenever a living organism enters the active radius of SCP-065, its tissues are affected by one or more spontaneous anomalous effects:

  • Specialized cells in complex organisms regress, returning to a stem cell state.
  • Tissues experience rapid growth, similar to that observed in metastatic cancer.
  • Undifferentiated tissues undergo spontaneous fusing or detachment.
  • Undifferentiated cells undergo spontaneous reanimation or necrosis.

Furthermore, the effects of SCP-065 are more severe as the complexity of the test organism increases. Single-celled organisms and infectious agents are completely unaffected, whereas the effects of SCP-065 on living humans has resulted in death in 99% of tests and recorded contact instances, often through painful mutations or spontaneous necrosis of vital tissue. The rapid growth and mutation of living tissues also oftentimes cause test subjects to 'fuse' with nearby inert objects, including clothing, weapons, and equipment.

Only one recorded case of a human subject surviving exposure to a severe SCP-065 distortion exists, designated SCP-065-12. See Addendum 065-1 for additional information.

Addendum 065-1: Subject SCP-065-012


Addendum 065-2: Researcher Note

The effect originating from the center of SCP-065 appears to be some sort of macro-scale quantum fluctuation, specifically targeted at living tissue. Through extensive testing, additional characteristics have been determined:

  • Only genetically similar tissue seems to be 'fused'. Tissue samples from different organs from the same donor exhibited fusing, tissue samples from a mother and child fused, but tissue samples from siblings did not.
  • After over ██ experiments, no discernible pattern to the effects can be found. As far as we can tell, it's utterly random.
  • The quantum effects seem to be the cause of the sensory confusion. We are trying to directly observe quantum entanglement, and our brains weren't built for it. This is also why cameras don't work; you're trying to take a snapshot of something that can't be expressed in normal space-time.

We're almost at the limit of our understanding about SCP-065. I'd like to bring SCP-065-12 to the site, see if we can figure anything more about it. I know Oversight isn't particularly fond of the idea, but as s/he is the only survivor, we could use all the help we can get.
~ Dr. █████████

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