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Item #: SCP-065

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-065 is to be contained within a 5x5x5m concrete backed cell with sufficient soundproofing material on all surfaces. The object is to be suspended 3m from the ceiling by an extended hook, which must be surrounded by a tube made of clear security glass. The bottom of the tubing has a circular plate which covers the opening, and can only be removed by Level 3 personnel or above who have access to the correct passcode.

Description: SCP-065 is a typical black headset, complete with headphones, microphone, and input/output cable. However, the properties that this device has exuded are rather attention-getting - upon usage, SCP-065 acts as a normal headset would, except that it causes severe mental damage to its users. Common effects of usage are schizophrenia, paranoia, extreme apathy, extreme depression, and suicidal tendencies. After analyzing audio playback samples that were recorded during SCP-065s use, Dr. Bots has determined that the device emits a frequency that specifically targets [DATA EXPUNGED]. Possible applications for this discovery are being explored. SCP-065 has been successfully duplicated, however at the expense of numerous laborers. For further information, please see Document 054-A.

Additional: Military applications for frequency (F-065) amplification have been explored and tested. F-065 had a devastating effect on large groups of Class-D personnel, who immediately began [DATA EXPUNGED] upon [EXPUNGED].

History of SCP-065

07/12/1998: Item is found in a large record store in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Employees at [DATA EXPUNGED] claim that a man walked into the store and replaced a headset there with SCP-065. After numerous reports of people exhibiting neurological symptoms after using the headset in question, local police and two undercover SCP agents came in to examine the scene. SCP-065 was soon after removed from the premises.

08/12/1998: One of the two undercover SCP agents mentioned above begins exhibiting neurological symptoms and terminates himself and his partner. SCP-065 is momentarily lost.

31/12/1998: SCP-065 is recovered at [EXPUNGED] by [EXPUNGED] and is then shipped to Research and Containment Site 76.

02/08/2003: Doctor Bots discovers how SCP-065 causes [DATA EXPUNGED] and more surprisingly, how [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-065 is redistributed to Site 19 for further research.

Addendum 316-a

For proper handling procedures regarding SCP-065, please see the updated "Abnormal Technology Handbook", distributed to all personnel working with potentially dangerous SCPs.

Addendum 316-b

After review, similarities between the project classified as SCP-061 and SCP-065 has prompted the reclassification of 065 from Euclid to Keter, due to the risk of replicating 061 from attempts to reverse engineer 065.

Researcher comments: Please do not use SCP-065 for personal use. One of the Level 3 security guards apparently lost his headphones and tried to use SCP-065 as a replacement… Needless to say, he self-terminated. Don't be idiots, seriously. - Dr. Bots

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