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Item #: SCP-066

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Following the events of ███ in which three members of research staff were killed, SCP-066 is to be kept within a special casing constructed specifically for it. The casing is a simple titanium alloy welded into place around SCP-066. Once assembled, the casing must be destroyed in order to gain access to SCP-066. Wherever SCP-066 is stored, equipment is to be provided allowing for a new casing to be attached.

Description: Item SCP-066 appears as a white cube (dimensions 0.1 m x 0.1 m x 0.1 m) of unknown construction, composition and origin. Discovered in the possession of █████ █████ in 19██, who claimed that the object was a gift from a man known as "Peter Heke" (see file 08-██) and is intended for use as a toy. Each side of the cube is inscribed with a symbol of unknown meaning and each corner of the cube is possessed of a mechanism that may be turned in order to match up additional sets of symbols features in the corner of each side.

When operated correctly, different sequences of moves will produce a note on the white-note diatonic scale (C-D-E-F-G-A-B). Once a full set of 8 notes have been produced, SCP-066 will unfold and produce an effect lasting anywhere between 5 seconds to an as-yet undetermined length of time.

Prior to the events of ███ results included:

  • The materialization of a picnic hamper filled with enough food for 4 people. Once consumed, the cube resets.
  • The creation of a black hand mirror. It remains in storage to this day.
  • A four-minute violin concerto being performed, audible only to whomever configured the device.
  • The release of a cloud the same volume as the cube, which responds to commands as if sentient.
  • The creation of a small flame, similar to that of a campfire.

During the event of ███ another result was produced. A small, blurry hologram appeared, and initiated conversation. After it became clear that █████ █████ was no longer in possession of SCP-066 and it was under the control of SCP Command the image disappeared, and the cube reset, only to deploy 6 standard thickness iron chains, one from each side. The chains reduced the research team to ribbons of bloodied flesh in moments (footage may be viewed in reading room 6, shelfmark ███).

Since this event SCP-066 has not responded to further stimulation, nor has its defense mechanism been deployed.

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