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Item #: SCP-068

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: All current attempts at containment have failed. Item maintains the ability to vanish from custody, only to return to it's point of origin, hanging from the sun visor on the passenger side of a 1996 Ford Ranger licensed to ███████ █████ in ██████, ███████. Agent ███████ ████████████ has been permanently assigned to act as a field agent and report any abnormalities, and to keep in contact with the licensed owner of the vehicle. No further attempts will be made to recapture the item at this time, barring catastrophe.

Description: SCP-068 appears as nothing more than a small, green plastic skeleton, similar in design to cheap Halloween decorations. Sized at approximately 6in, the only outstanding features of 'his' appearance would be a single gold tooth in the upper row of teeth and pinkish-purple cornrows. SCP-068 apparently goes by the name "Zedd", as reported by 'owner' ███████ █████. To date, the owner is the only one to report hearing Zedd speak directly, a report of these conversations and details was filed from a personal account during an interview.

[Reference Document I-068-A for specifics]

Zedd is reported to have a taste of Marlboro Menthol Smooth cigarettes, and is supposedly able to ignite them successfully with his golden tooth, though any kind of scientific analysis has been impossible, as the item cannot be contained long enough to be investigated. The owner has recently informed Agent ███████ ████████████ that Zedd has been reportedly making threats to passengers that enter the truck alone. In light of this report, SCP-068's item classification was submitted to review again as the potential of Keter-like behavior began to surface. The owner reports that they have experienced nothing of the sort, and that perhaps Zedd is only being defensive of 'his owner'.


Item was previously classified as Safe, due to the limited studies performed on initial retrieval. Latest reports suggest the item might harbor Keter characteristics. Should it become a legitimate threat, another team will be sent to claim it, terminating the licensed owner and impounding the entire vehicle.

Document #I-068-A: Owner, ███████ █████, relates info on SCP-068: "Zedd"

I remember the first time he ever spoke to me, I nearly drove off the road! All of a sudden I hear this voice saying "Ey mon! Canna roll up da'indow, seen? Chillin' mah bones somtin' fierce." I didn't know what it was until I rolled up my window and it started talking again, asking me for cigarettes. Like, Zedd doesn't even have lungs… how can he smoke in the first place?

Note: 7/7/08 "owner" reports on new conversations and development "Zedd" shows that he can in fact blow a small flame of roughly the length of a cigarette and has said he wouldn't harm anyone he just likes to mess with people who don't know about his abilities SCP-068 has since started speaking to his "owner"s girlfriend and has otherwise shown no malice toward any one but is wiling to demonstrate his "fire breathing", as he calls it, in exchange for a smoke

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