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Item #: SCP-069

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: It has been deemed cost-prohibitive to contain SCP-069 in its own mobile facility. Instead, Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 (aka "Snowdogs") monitor, track, and resolve issues involving SCP-069. As the object travels across northern Canada, Lambda-5 personnel traveling in the projected path of SCP-069 are to remove any possible witnesses and are authorized to take any measures necessary to keep the object secret.

Description: SCP-069 can only be assessed through first-hand visual analysis, as all available recording devices have proven incapable of capturing any image of SCP-069. MTF Lambda-5 are charged with providing regular (daily) reports on the object's path, orientation, and perceived luminosity to generate a body of data which may be analyzed with materials and staff from [DATA EXPUNGED].

To those within visual range, SCP-069 appears as rays of yellow to white light radiating in all directions from a single source point. It is currently not possible to directly measure the width of SCP-069's source point or its total luminosity, but the source point is estimated to be approximately one millimeter in diameter with the radiating light estimated at a luminosity of about 1800 lumens, or that of a standard 100 watt light bulb. SCP-069 hovers stably about 11.1 meters above sea level and travels several meters each day as it trails the North Magnetic Pole by about 1100 km. It is currently located in Northern Canada, following the North Magnetic Pole in a north-northwestern trajectory, moving 10 to 40 km every year.

SCP-069 is not known to possess any mass, and does not physically interact with any known matter (save human beings—see reports by [DATA EXPUNGED] and commentary below) or emit any known energy or radiation, including sound, gravity, or electromagnetism. Its source point travels undaunted through snow drifts, mountains, and even steel barriers. The light from the anomaly apparently passes through all inanimate objects (including mirrors or lenses) as well as all observed non-human life forms, though testing with superconductive materials or other SCP's is not yet approved. Current observations suggest only humans cast shadows in the light emanating from the anomaly. It is unknown why SCP-069 follows the path taken by the North Magnetic Pole or what effect a possible magnetic pole reversal will have on SCP-069.

Studies on the object have revealed little about its nature due to lack of recordable visual data. Those witnessing the anomaly stress that the rays of light "shimmer like a star" or radiate as "beams of sunlight through the surface of water". Theories about the nature of SCP-069 include:

  • The anomaly is a tiny hole or leakage into our reality emanating from an alternate universe consisting of a single planar dimension where light interacts on a oblique plane only visible to the human eye.
  • The anomaly represents the opposite end of a black hole's singularity, where destroyed matter is ejected into a previously unknown, only slightly visible dimension.
  • SCP-069 is a "window into heaven", a small dimensional aperture to a plane of existence experienced by humans beyond death. See source files on SCP-616 and [DATA EXPUNGED] with regard to similar theoretical apertures.

The shimmering, slow-moving beams of light may derive from objects passing in front of a potential hole on the other side of SCP-069. It is also possible that the anomaly's appearance may be a result of escaping light interacting with inconsistencies of space/time on our side of such a theoretical hole. The latter option supports the possibility of a universal medium/ether as the anomaly's light is reactive across such an interdimensional space.

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