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Item #: SCP-069

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-069 is to be kept in a 4m x 4m x 4m concrete holding room with white paneling. This room is to be kept clean/sterile at all times. Any personnel entering or exiting the room must pass through a decontamination chamber directly before entering or after exiting. SCP-069 has been determined to be safe, however, whether or not the item has sentience is yet to be determined. Caution is advised. In order to make full use of SCP-069, any personnel attempting to use the device must be fluent in at least one language other than English. Computer languages are allowed.

Description: Object SCP-069 is quite a peculiar piece of equipment that has been recovered from [EXPUNGED]. It has an outer casing of brushed aluminum with an indented panel made of unidentifiable material. The device measures at 30 cm in all directions, with rounded edges. SCP-069 is able to merge any language with another by taking samples of each language and rearranging their parameters. Though it is not an extraordinary feat by any means, the speed at which it does this is piqued the curiosity of the Organization. It is able to construct entirely new languages within a matter of minutes - 76 seconds on average. It seems to not be limited to traditional language; researchers have fed it a string of two different coding languages, and SCP-069 managed to create a newer, more efficient coding language based off of the two given. We believe that SCP-069 will be very useful in decoding the languages of SCP anachronisms, that is, SCP artifacts that have been determined to be from a future or alternate timeline. Though a backwards decoding method has not been tested, the device seems entirely capable of performing that task.


Timeline of SCP-069

16/04/1964: Object SCP-069 resided in the attic of Professor █████. It was lost for a number of years after this.

09/09/1983: Object SCP-069 recovered at an antiques shop in Virginia by unknown civilian.

21/09/1983: SCP-069 auctioned off. It was won by the president of IBM Corporation, who devoted a specialized team to discover its purpose.

01/03/1987: SCP-069's study reaches a breakthrough; hypertext markup language created. Object is swiftly confiscated by SCP-team #██.

02/03/1987: SCP-069 moved to Site 19, where it is presently located.

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