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Item #: SCP-070

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-070 is to be kept within a 10 meter by 10 meter concrete room. SCP-070 is to be monitored at all times. Guards are to be posted at the door to the room. Heavily preserved food and bottled water are to be kept stocked in the room at all times. Should SCP-070 breach containment, personnel are recommended to remain behind SCP-070 and to provide SCP-070 with food and water to return it to a tranquil state.

Description: SCP-070 is a humanoid of Native American descent. SCP-070 appears to be fully human with no signs of abnormal durability, or special ability aside from pair of rusty metal bars sticking out from SCP-070’s back. These bars are flat, and long, with pivot joints in several positions, allowing them to fold.

These metal bars and joints are arranged in a skeletal framework similar to the light framework bones of a bird’s wings. Chains hang from the bars giving the illusion of feathers. At the tip of each chain is a pronged head with the appearance of a war arrow. These barbed heads have been known to slam into concrete at a high velocity, and then unfold within the concrete effectively anchoring SCP-070 in place.

The wings weigh about as much as high quality carbon steel of the same volume, and are as tough as high quality steel despite their rusted appearance. There is little difficulty in using standard machine tools to cut the metal. However all damage to the metal is regrown within five hours. SCP-070 reports no sensation from the wings, and has given permission for testing on how to remove them to continue.

SCP-070 has no conscious control over his wings, however they have been shown to react to his emotional state. SCP-070’s wings have also intercepted bullets and tranquilizer shots fired upon SCP-070. Further they have violently shoved individuals away from SCP-070 causing broken bones.

SCP-070 spends most of his time sleeping, anchored into the floor and walls. When alert SCP-070 spends much of his time in a panic, attempting to disengage himself from the surroundings. Disengagement inevitably causes SCP-070 to begin to lose balance and topple, due to the weight of the wings on his back. This causes his wings to re-anchor and push him back into a standing position.

SCP-070 has been seen to sleep walk, in which conditions SCP-070 heads to the nearest source of food and water, consumes it, re-anchors and returns to full sleep. SCP-070’s method of locomotion when sleepwalking is unusual. His wings shoot chains in front of him, anchor them, and then drag him forwards.

At present no unusual properties have been discovered in the severed parts of the ‘wings’.

Addendum 070-1 Personal Background

An interview with SCP-070 has revealed that SCP-070 is named Johnny Red, and is capable of reciting the correct social security number for a US citizen of the same name and age. Assuming he is who he claims to be the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has records on him. His father was a member of the Native American separatist group known as AIM. Because of this connection he was classified as a possible member of a terrorist organization. Presently he is in his late twenties. He is a member of the Kiowa tribe.

SCP-070 claims that he does not remember how he got the wings; he only remembers taking a lot of peyote one night, then waking up the next day in a scrap yard with them. He also describes his present situation is 'unbelievably uncomfortable'

Addendum 070-2 Acquisition History
SCP-070 was discovered anchored into the walls and floor of an abandoned apartment complex in ████████. SCP-070 was called in to the police, and then to the FBI. The FBI contacted the SCP-foundation. The cover-up given was that SCP-070 was a piece of performance art. It required a team of 250 welders to cut all of SCP-070’s chains quickly enough to port him into a container for shipment.

Addendum 070-3 Incident 070-1

SCP-070 was being kept in a minimum-security room due to his lack of mobility. Guards reported hearing a noise within that sounded like metal trailing on concrete. The door of the room was hit with great force, and buckled. It was hit a second time and broke. SCP-070 emerged from the chamber, still sleeping but muttering ‘hungry’ in his sleep. Guards attempted to physically impede SCP-070’s progress and were flung to the side by the wings, leading to a broken collar bone in one, and broken ribs in the other.

SCP-070 proceeded down the hall, ignoring all stimuli including sirens, bright lights, shouting voices, and physical attempts to intercept SCP-070. A clean up team arrived and began firing upon SCP-070. The wings blocked 90% of shots fired. The remaining shots grazed SCP-070 doing minimal damage.

SCP-070 reached the staff cafeteria, whereupon the wings grabbed a large container of soup, and brought it to SCP-070’s lips. SCP-070 consumed the soup, then re-anchored in the cafeteria, ceasing all movement and hostilities. SCP-070 was cut loose and moved to a higher security chamber.

Addendum 070-4 X-Ray results

An X-ray examination of the wings has revealed that they are anchored into SCP-070's spinal column with metal wires. These wires terminate in a knot within the spinal column. The wings themselves are anchored into a ball joint attached to his collarbone. There is a sharp contrast between the metal balljoint and the collarbone, however it would require invasive and bone shattering surgery to remove the wing.

Addendum 070-5 Notes

There is some debate as to if SCP-070 is part of the human or if the wings are actually a separate but symbiotic entity. ~ Dr. Dumount.

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