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Item #: SCP-070

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-070 should be kept at least 20 metres underground in a hermetically sealed lead chamber. There should be no possibility of the server within gaining connection to another server through radio waves or a hardline.

In the event the containment chamber is breached the explosive charges lining the rock walls of the chamber are to be detonated ensuring full destruction. Once a week, Level-2 personnel should check the wire linking the charges to the detonator ensuring that a full detonation is possible. At all times the charges are to be hardwired to the detonators in order to prevent jamming or override from SCP-070 preventing radio signals. All Level-4 personnel on base will have the codes to detonate the charges.

Description: Item SCP-070 is a computer mainframe recovered from a US Air Force R&D base which appears to have been intentionally destroyed from within. When US Army personnel reached the base very little remained of the labs, among the few surviving items was SCP-070. SCP-070 appears to be a server mainframe housing what is believed to be a semi- or fully sentient machine AI. SCP-070 was believed to have been created by the USAF in an attempt to unify command structure in the event of a nuclear conflict allowing communication through both satellite and hardlines underground in case of an high altitude EMP knocking out satellite communication.

Addendum: Item SCP-070 is believed to be one of the last projects undertaken on this base and was listed under the codename "Skynet". The destruction of the R+D base has been pinpointed to 3 hours and 30 minutes after SCP-070 was brought online.

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