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Item #: SCP-071

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-071 must be kept in cell devoid of direct viewpoints, with access granted only by two separate Level 4 personnel, preferably of different genders. Cell should be remotely monitored via closed circuit camera operating on a 60-second delay. Though no interaction with SCP-071 should be necessary, as it appears to have no need for sustenance, personnel entering SCP-071’s containment area must do so in groups of no less than 4 and containing both male and female personnel. Under no circumstances should personnel be permitted to view SCP-071 directly, nor should they be permitted viewing through undelayed remote footage. All footage and images of SCP-071, once deemed unimportant, must be destroyed.

Description: SCP-071 is presumably a humanoid neuter, though this is at present difficult to confirm. SCP-071 possesses the ability to assume different forms with the apparent intent of enticing onlookers to engage in sexual activity. Thus far it has assumed a myriad array of forms, on the whole consisting of males and females of ages ranging from prepubescent to middle-aged (see Addendum 071-01). It appears unable or unwilling to assume differing appearances without external stimuli, remaining in its last assumed form when left to its own devices.

SCP-071 appears to possess intelligence on par with that of a human and displays complex expression, though it has yet to reveal any linguistic ability. SCP-071 also possesses expanded awareness, responding to viewers even when separated by barriers designed to prevent SCP-071’s knowledge of their observation (such as remote monitors or one-way mirrors). Delaying captured footage seems to prevent this.

Class-D personnel allowed to engage in sexual relations with SCP-071 suffered rapid atrophy of muscle, skeletal structure and brain function, with onset occurring 1-2 days after contact. The atrophy persisted for roughly a week, with the stabilized state characterized by decreased stature, decreased organ function, sharply decreased brain mass and, in most cases, sterility. Personnel achieving auto-gratification through use of media containing SCP-071 (whether delayed or not) suffered the same effects.

SCP-071 was initially discovered in ██████████, ██████ in 19██. Efforts to remove footage and photography from the Internet are underway, though—judging by several recent medical cases—some still remain.

Addendum 071-01:
Supervisor's log, ██- ██- 20██
When presented with class-D subject ████ ███████, SCP-071 assumed the shape of a canine. The subject in question reacted with shock and refused to proceed with the experiment, though the subject's physiological signs were consistent with a state of sexual arousal.

Addendum 071-03:
Supervisor's log, ██- ██- 20██
Subject ██████ ███, a castrated class-D subject, when exposed to SCP-071, was ignored by it, and did not even affect its current form of a sheep. ██████ ███ was not able to perceive SCP-071 in any way, including tactile, even after the addition of other class-D subjects to the cell. Supervisor suggests tests with further viable class-D personnel involving sterilization when in the presence, during intercourse, and afterwards at various times, to test for a possible method to reduce losses.

Addendum 071-03a:
General's addendum, ██- ██- 20██
Keep ██████ ███ around, write up some guideline for me to sign, and add him/it to entry guidelines, conditional after proof that he can perceive other personnel engaging in relations with SCP-071. Never can be too careful.

Addendum 071-03b:
Director's addendum, ██- ██- 20██
███████ ███ must not be further compromised by these tests. He is personally required for containment of SCP-112. If he is to commit a sexual act, become incapacitated, or even deceased, we may lose all containment of SCP-112, resulting in a major catastrophe. To reiterate, the castrated class-D subject is of utmost importance to the containment of the Keter-class object SCP-112, and cannot be allowed to participate in experiments with SCP-071.

Addendum 071-3c:
Lieutenant's addendum, ██- ██- 20██
Due to the loss of SCP-112, it's now the Revolutionary Guard's problem. The castrated subjects at our disposal will now be reassigned where needed, and ██████ ███ is now cleared for use with SCP-071.

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