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Item #: SCP-074

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Security Clearance Level B is required to access Containment Cell C44 (henceforth referred to herein as CC-C44). Temperatures within CC-C44 must stay below 5 degrees Celsius. SCP-074 is to remain sealed inside of CC-C44 at all times. If removed from CC-C44, or internal temperature of CC-C44 climbs above 5 degrees Celsius, all unprotected personnel are to evacuate the area and follow Decontamination Procedure 11. In the event of total power failure, or the failure of CC-C44's environmental controls, the section of the facility is to be locked down and flooded with cryogenic gas. Any personnel exhibiting any of the symptoms detailed in Dr. █████'s report (Attached, 074-02) are to be sedated, and quarantined for a period of no less than 1 week.

Description: Item consists of a large metal cube, with several grated openings. Inside is a cat-sized organism resembling a large wood louse, which usually remains tightly curled into an armored ball that emits low levels of radiation. When exposed to temperatures of over 5 degrees Celsius, the creature uncurls, revealing a flexible appendage tipped with a rounded orb. This orb, when exposed, emits massive doses of the same radiation, exponentially proportional to the temperature. The radiation in large amounts is excessively lethal; however, in lower doses it has other effects - see below.

The artifact was recovered inside a van by bomb disposal units. Upon breaking the makeshift seals on the van's doors and discovering what appeared to be a complex electronic item connected to a large metal box, they attempted to perform a detonate-in-place using a magnesium device. It is presumed from examination of the wreckage that upon triggering the device, the high temperatures caused a massive release of radiation - destroying the van with its makeshift containment and exposing the item. All humans within a 1-km radius were killed. SCP recovery team dispatched with anti-radiation equipment successfully acquired the object. Testing was performed to determine precise temperature threshold with numerous casualties. Incident was reported to the public as a toxic gas spill.

Moved to Storage 1 Facility, ███ ██th 2004 from the custody of the ███████ Police Department. All surviving civilians were detained and all bodies and records destroyed, with the exception of a single fragment (Attached, 074-01) documenting the initial discovery, kept for possible clues as to the object's previous possessor, assumed dead.

Incident #██-███: While inspecting the refrigeration system used in CC-C44, a technician accidentally disturbed a control valve, reducing pressure within the system. Furthermore, the temperature sensors inside CC-C44 had been damaged by radiation. This caused the temperature to rise to just 7 degrees. SCP monitors, at the onset of symptoms, immediately were able to restore the system, and initiated termination protocols. 34 staff were lost, but containment was restored. Worryingly, the various destruction methods attempted, including lethal gas, vacuum, and laser incineration, had no effect on the organism. Additional redundant protocols added, and a cryogenic emergency control system installed.

Addendum 074-01
Excerpt from (officer)'s report, detailing the initial discovery of SCP-074: "…I came up on the vehicle that ████ reported seeing, an early 90's Ford Aerostar van, sure enough, the license plates had been removed. The doors and windows of the van had been sealed shut with duct tape, and the word 'RUN' was painted on the driver's side of the van in red spray paint. through the window I could see a box attached to electrical wires running into the steering column, and something weird inside of an old glass Coca-Cola bottle. I called in for a bomb disposal team, and remained on site until they arrived." - (officer) '███████ Police Dept. Report █████' █:████ ███ ██th, 2004

Addendum 074-02
Excerpt from Dr. █████'s report, detailing symptoms experienced by personnel exposed to SCP-074 in temperatures above freezing: "Personnel exposed to 074 for anything more than a few seconds experienced apparent burns on various parts of their bodies. Closer examination of these "burns" resulted in the discovery of what appears to be an implosion of the skin. Dissection of affected areas resulted in the discovery of what appears to be egg sacs. Personnel quarantined are said to continually ask for water, regardless of whether they are given any. Of personnel quarantined after contact with 074, most die within five days from injuries caused by the violent bursting of these sacs. The intervals between burstings is unpredictable, and they may either explode simultaneously or over the course of many days. Each sac holds 2 to 5 small organisms, which may be propelled as far as three meters from the subject. The creatures bear resemblance to 074, but die upon contact with the outside air after several seconds. Other personnel live, and the eggs inside them apparently do not hatch. It is unknown whether this signifies that the organisms within the sacs have been neutralized. I recommend all surviving personnel exhibiting signs of infestation have all affected areas of skin removed and destroyed, and be tested for internal contamination. If such is not possible or prudent, or internal contamination is confirmed, immediate termination and incineration of the subject should be practiced, as it is possible that these organisms could successfully hatch under the right circumstances."

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