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Item #: SCP-077

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-077 is to be kept on a periodically rotating motorized pedestal at all times. If SCP-077 is to be experimented upon, personnel may use the computer terminal below the pedestal to manually rotate SCP-077. Personnel are not permitted to remove SCP-077 from its pedestal without level-4 or higher clearance. If SCP-077 is to be transferred to another facility, it must be carried in the container labeled KARTOFFELBREI in the alcove in the SCP-077 containment room entryway. Three times daily, level-2 personnel must enter SCP-077's room to ensure that the pedestal is rotating SCP-077 properly. If SCP-077 is not granted full 360 degree rotation about all three axes, contact a level-3 or higher supervisor.

Description: Recovered in a ruined laboratory in Russland, 1983. Moved to Area 28 on 3 June 1983. SCP-077 is a black sphere roughly 9cm in diameter, with a hairline slit bisecting the sphere over an angular distance of about 30 degrees. Microscopic inspection suggests that the slit was deliberately cut using a fine saw. SCP-077 is made of a glassy substance resembling a one-way mirror with remarkable efficiency. All light shone onto the sphere is absorbed and seems to be reflected by the mirrored interior lining indefinitely, until it is rotated to a point where light can exit the slit. Attempts to measure the reflectivity of the mirror have proved inconclusive. Tests performed with lasers have shown no measurable loss of intensity at any electromagnetic frequency, even over a period of several days. Composition is unknown; no one has attempted to chip a sample for fear of shattering.

Additional Notes: SCP-077 is a moderate-risk potentially lethal object. The civilian who discovered SCP-077 was cut in half by discharge of absorbed sunlight as soon as he picked it up. His death is on record as having been caused by radioactive fallout.

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