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A file photograph of the figurine

Item #: SCP-078

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Level 3 Security clearance is required to access the secure building in which SCP-078 is located. The cell in which the SCP-078 is housed must remain locked at all times, and under no circumstances should direct contact be made with the object. Should SCP-078 escape, the local area should be sealed off. SCP-078 has an aversion to daylight and so may seek shelter in surrounding structures.

Description: Appears to be a oversized "Betty Boop Madame" doll, made of porcelain and resin and coloured with oil based paints. However, the figurine has been seen to animate at apparently random intervals, releasing a luminescent glow.
SCP-078 was found in an abandoned cellar on the outskirts of Paris. Four male builders, hired by ██████████ had descended the stairs and were confronted by "une laid(sic) poupée géante" ("a giant, ugly doll"). One builder, a Mr. ██████████, reached out to touch the doll. He vanished as soon as his skin made contact. The other three builders report that SCP-078 then began to glow and emit a high pitched humming noise, whilst moving its lips. It headed towards them somewhat unsteadily, groping awkwardly. They fled.
Major █████████ heard of this incident, and ordered a mandatory purchase of the property. The basement was converted into an observation cell. SCP-078 animates on average of once a night, but during winter months it has been seen moving around as many as three or four separate times in the night.
Periods of lucidity last approximately an hour, and SCP-078 often approaches the window and waves or blinks. When not active, the artifact remains in its last position.
Experiments with animals show that the touch of any living organism will awaken SCP-078 instantaneously, but only higher order primates are noted to disappear. Domestic animals are extremely affectionate towards the glowing figurine, which responds in a similar manner to humans. Prolonged exposure to the object causes permanent deafness in dogs and cats, owing to the high pitched humming noise it emits.
SCP-078 is known to have an aversion to ultraviolet light, and should it escape this is the suggested means of control.

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