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Item #: SCP-080

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is currently held in the office of Class-D Personnel Head Supervisor ███ ██████ who has installed more than sufficient security to protect the object from theft and unauthorized use. Research on SCP-080 must be approved by ███ ██████ and must be performed in the presence of ███ ██████ at all times. Independent verification that SCP-080 remains in the care of ███ ██████ is to be performed weekly by one of his superiors. In the event ███ ██████ is unable to perform his duties, SCP-080 will be reassigned to his successor who will be placed under temporary probation until the Site ██ director deems the probation complete.

Description: SCP-080 is a small ancient Aztec wind instrument, ██████ sculpted into the shape of ████████. Discovered in Tenochtitlan in the late 16th century, SCP-080 was left in a collection of artifacts and other musical instruments stored in a museum in what is now ████████, Germany, where it was forgotten until the mid-20th century. Reproductions of similar instruments were being conducted until Incident 080-1, in which historian ███████ ████████ was discovered in laboratory disemboweled by an Aztec spear. SCP scientists retrieved SCP-080 with the loss of three Class D personnel.

When played, SCP-080 produces a shrill whistle with no extraordinary effects. The object is capable of producing several tones, but the effects are not dependent on which tones are played. Those who hear the sounds of SCP-080 feel a momentary sense of unease, with no lasting effects. Within minutes, the player of SCP-080 gradually feels a suppression of physical pain and emotions. Left to his own devices, he will have self-terminated within an hour by any means he finds convenient. Further effects of SCP-080 can be found in Addendum 080-1. SCP archaeologist ███████ █████████ speculates that SCP-080 was used by the Aztecs as part of their sacrificial ceremonies, and that translations of Aztec codices suggest that the Aztec priests believed that those who sacrificed themselves willingly appeased the gods more than those who were forcibly executed. In a similar line of reasoning, Class D personnel in Site ██ are often terminated with the assistance of SCP-080 in order for the process of overturning personnel to be more humane.

Reproductions of SCP-080 as well as other similar artifacts have not shown to exhibit the more paranormal effects of the original. With the permission of ███ ██████, video of a nearly exact reproduction of SCP-080 and its sounds were released to the public via CNN. SCP is monitoring response to the video. Reports of any remarkably adverse effects from watching this video will result in the forcible seizure of the video as well as the items used in the video.

Addendum 080-1:

Experiment 1:

Experiment Date: July 2, 19██

Class D Personnel ████████ ██████ scheduled for termination was placed in a 3mx3m (10ftx10ft) empty room with padded walls shortly after using SCP-080. After 15 minutes of pacing, the subject sat in a corner and became catatonic. Food and beverages were placed in the room after several hours, but the subject failed to respond. Attempts to communicate were nearly non-productive. After several minutes of questioning, the subject only said "It is time for me to go, but I can not find the way." After further examination produced no conclusive results, the subject was provided an unlabeled vial of cyanide, which the subject consumed without hesitation.

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