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Item #: SCP-081

Object Class: Euclid (under consideration for Keter class)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-081 is to be contained in a 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm box made of lead at least 6 cm thick. SCP-081's containment chamber is required to be lined with either lead or concrete, preferably both. The room's radiation level must be monitored at all times. If the radiation levels exceed 130% of normal, all personnel not wearing protective suits 2-D or 3-A must evacuate to an area at least 300 m away from SCP-081. For a map of safe locations in case of radiation emergency, please see [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-081 may only be handled by mentally healthy personnel wearing protective suits 2-D or 3-A, with at least a Level 3 security clearance. The items must be handled with extreme care, and all necessary safety precautions must be observed.

CAUTION: SCP-081 is capable of self-activation.

Description: Object SCP-081 is, in appearance, a Colt Army 1860 revolver. However, the metal of which this revolver is made has a distinct purple shine to it. The barrel is lined with small, white crystals, and the chambers of the cylinder are filled with a solid, purple substance which exudes light radiation. The mechanism of the revolver appears to be intact and in good working condition.

Upon pulling the trigger, the hammer hits the purple substance, which emits gamma particles that somehow react with the white crystal to create particles that have yet to be classified. These particles are similar in nature to gamma radiation, but are able to pass through lead and concrete with less resistance. The purple substance has an average recharge rate of 74 seconds, while the the crystal has a much faster recharge rate of roughly 22 milliseconds.

All attempts to analyze and identify the white crystal and purple substances have failed. Also, the particles that the white crystal emits cannot be monitored or identified, but their reaction with the purple compound is believed to be the cause of the weapon's purple shine.

Tests have shown that the unknown particles interact with living organisms (See Document 069-B for further information). The particles do not interact with inorganic material except noble gases and d-block metals, and also somehow lowers the electrical conductivity of metals.

SCP-081's Effects on Organisms

The unknown radiation that SCP-081 emits typically has a disastrous effect on organic compounds. Tests with Class-D personnel have revealed that the radiation heavily denatures DNA and other important protein chains, changes cell structure, and typically causes a rapid onset of cancer. In most cases, subjects became sterile. However, in rare cases, chromosomal structure was mutated in ways that have not caused significant damage to DNA/RNA chains, but rather, added to them. For a full report, please read [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-081 was originally located in the city █████████████████████ in ████████████████ in Mr. █████████'s collection. The ██████th of █████████ Mr. █████████ died from sudden and acute cancer. His house was checked for radioactivity. SCP-081 was found to be the source of radioactivity. It was later moved to Site 14, which is located near █████████████████████ in ████████████████.

Additional Notes: Dr. █████████ proposed testing the effectiveness of SCP-081 on SCP-517 and SCP-682.

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