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Item #: SCP-084

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-084 is to be kept in the plot of graveyard earth transferred from its original location. Its cell is to undergo maintenance weekly. Personnel are not to remain in its presence for more than 24 hours. The coffin interred beneath it is not to be moved more than 15 meters from the headstone under any circumstances, and is not to be opened. Furthermore, it must not be taken out of the plot for more than 24 hours, and may not be removed for 72 hours after being put back in.

Description: SCP-084 is a large marble tombstone, depicting a winged and robed skeletal figure adorned with a "floating disk" halo and holding aloft a broken sword with a dove alighting upon it. It is set upon a square marble base.

SCP-084 was recovered from a dilapidated graveyard in █████ █████, █████, in 19██. While other objects in the graveyard were crumbling and moss-covered, SCP-084 was in mint-condition. While attempting to transport the tombstone, personnel began to have feelings of "disgust and dread", and were reported to hear a deep, rasping male voice demanding that they take the whole of the plot. After complying, no further incidents occurred in transportation. No historians of the town knew who the tombstone marked, or how old it was. Carbon dating is inconclusive.

On SCP-084's base, there is an inscription that is illegible until touched. When the base is touched, the inscription recedes into the stone with a soft grinding noise, and emerges again with the year of birth and year of death for whoever touched the base. Blood applied to the base will also reveal the cause of death with a cryptic rhyming epitaph. It appears to predict these deaths as they would occur without interference, as indicated in Experiment 59-D821, where the subject was terminated after the tombstone delivered its prediction.

SCP-084 appears to induce a sort of structural degrading in objects in a 15 meter radius from itself, rusting metal, rotting wood, and causing stone to crumble. Prolonged exposure to biological subjects induces rotting of tissue, bone becoming brittle, and severe depression. Those who perish near SCP-084 go through complete decay in under an hour. These effects are known to be accelerated if the coffin is opened, left out of the ground too long, or taken away from the tombstone.

Addendum: Dr. █████ has suggested having SCP-343 touch the object.

Addendum: Dr. ████████ has suggested trapping SCP-682 with the object, as well as using subject as a way to further contain SCP-882.

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