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Item #: SCP-086

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-086 is stored in a heavily soundproofed room, isolated from the rest of the facility by an airlock.

As there is some leakage from SCP-086, the surrounding area is also cordoned off. Object is currently safe, provided no unprotected personnel enter the containment zone, so handling instructions are only provided for the possibility of a security breach, or if needing to move SCP-086.

Unprotected personnel who enter the containment zone should be removed from the area as soon as possible. If they return, or show signs of being compromised by SCP-086, they must be terminated; warnings of these consequences must be displayed prominently around the containment zone.

Description: SCP-086 appears to be a regular tetrahedron approximately 25cm on each side. It constantly emits sounds described as whispering by survivors of its effects, though in no known language.

These sounds are capable of a wide range of effects on humans, including the creation of psychosis or a mindlessly obedient state. Experiments to replicate its abilities by matching the generated frequencies, however, have failed. All personnel who work with SCP-086 should, manpower permitting, be completely deaf. They are also required to equip provided ear defenders and an antisound generator. Before entering SCP-086's chamber, a supervisor should check that all agents are unable to hear sounds at approximately 140dB. The recommended method is to fire a blank behind them, and to watch for signs of surprise.

Agents entering the chamber should work in a group of five or more, and rehearse their actions in a separate, dummy chamber. Any deviation from this trial run in the real chamber is to be treated as a sign of falling under SCP-086's control, and if they do not heed signals to exit immediately, the agent should be terminated.

Additional Notes: Those with level 2 security clearance or above should also see document #86-1.

Document #86-1: SCP-086 additional data:

Anyone who has entered the containment zone should be watched very carefully; our data reports that most people are drawn in by the whispers, and those that aren't may be already under the Object's control and carrying out its will.

The equipment provided to the grunts includes an explosive charge in the headset, set to trigger if they are the last one left alive in the room. SCP-086 almost overwhelmed the lone deaf agent who prevented its escape in the first place, so personnel cannot be trusted if left alone with it. Object is capable of adapting its whispers to act through bodily vibrations, and can generate far stronger effects on a single target.

The explosive charge will destroy the brain and hearing system when triggered. No other form of termination will ensure SCP-086 cannot control what is left behind.

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