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Item #: SCP-087

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-087 is to be kept in a sealed observation/containment chamber at under 50 degrees Celsius at all times, and to be kept away from all forms of electricity except during controlled and observed tests. In the event that the temperature in the chamber rises to above 50oC, or SCP-087 is exposed to electricity outside of experiments, it is to be terminated immediately via incineration.

Description: SCP-087 is the remains of an entity of unknown origin brought back by the true Viking 1 (launched in 1957, returned in 1959). The entity at first appeared to be an alien life-form, but studies have shown that it is not native to Mars, nor a true life-form, as it neither feeds nor breathes. It seems to be a machine made of biological parts. The entity is silicon-based and apparently runs on "batteries" that are recharged by electricity via contact with its surface area. Analysis of its "brain" has shed some light on its origin, but much remains unknown. It is part of a "system" of similar beings that are controlled by a "foreman" (studies on SCP-███ have indicated that this refers to ████ ████'s ████████), and is programmed to break down and collect "materials" (it has not yet been determined what this means).

The entity is a bipedal being consisting of a large body standing on two legs, of height 3 metres, standing almost twice as high as a man. It has no other limbs. When first acquired, it displayed long, hair-like filaments around its upper body, but these have since decayed and fallen away. The upper body's most notable features are the massive eyes, of 6 cm radius. Analysis of the entity's internal organs indicates that with enough energy, the eyes become weapons that are able to project concentrated rays of light strong enough to vaporize concrete in seconds.

While the entity may appear to be dead, it is merely deactivated; electricity can and will reactivate it. However, it is mostly harmless without enough energy to use its lasers, and so it is safe to come into contact with the entity as long as it is kept unpowered or on low power.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #013-N

Document #013-N: Study of SCP-087's laser's capabilities: Result overview

  • SCP-087 can target any object within 380 kilometres
  • Laser range is 30 kilometres
  • Time interval between laser fire is 12 seconds
  • Laser extremely powerful; Caution advised when carrying out further tests
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