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Item #: SCP-088

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-088 is stored in a circular 44 meter diameter by 44 meter high concrete walled chamber. In the center of the chamber is a pedestal, 22 meters high, 1 meter in diameter. Item SCP-088 is kept on this pedestal. The pedestal is ringed with a floor to ceiling chain link fence at a distance of 18 meters. In the event that personnel must enter the chamber, only one person may enter, and the door to the chamber MUST be locked behind them. Personnel must not go past the chain link fence until the outer door to the chamber is sealed.

Item SCP-088 may not be viewed directly. Viewing item SCP-088 directly will enable it to consume the flesh of its viewer. Personnel entering the chamber are required to wear equipment 449-B, a headset with a series of mirrors designed to bounce incoming light 7 times before it reaches the eye of the observer. Personnel must also wear protective hearing equipment to avoid the sound of air entering and leaving the opening of Item SCP-088. This is a constant effect of this artifact, and it has been known to lure personnel to remove equipment 449-B. Personnel must be tethered to designated hard points on the outer wall of the test chamber before proceeding past the fence.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance are required to view document #88-B.

Document #88-B: Historical data

Item SCP-088 was recovered in 1877 from the remains of the top secret Bobkovitch Laboratory after it burnt to the ground. Item SCP-088 is identified as a glass culture tube, slightly deformed due to the fire, and discolored with stains.

After recovery, incident "viscera" occurred, in which item SCP-088 "consumed" 1,398 human beings, and an unknown number of livestock in the surrounding town of Bobkovka, Russia. This incident to date has been kept as "never happened" status.

Item SCP-088 has a known "first victim" reach of 16.58322 meters in any direction. If SCP-088 manages to take a victim, its reach is extended exponentially. To this date, livestock tests show that SCP-088 can have a reach of up to 3km, making use of only 12 simultaneous victims. Tests indicate SCP-088 is capable of extending this reach much further, although to this date none have been tried beyond 3km. The rate at which SCP-088 is able to kill, liquefy, and ingest its victims is astonishing. 3km livestock tests consisting of 5000 animals were consumed by SCP-088 in under 30 seconds.

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