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Item #: SCP-093

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-093 is to be kept on a silver lined mirror on a 0.3x0.23m (1ftx9in) pedestal at least 1.22m (4ft) off the ground floor in containment cell block ████. Object is not to be contained in areas exceeding 3.66x3.05m (12x10ft) nor placed on mahogany, pine, cherry or aluminum pedestals above or below level 1 of containment cell block ████. Object can be handled safely, albeit gently, without consequences. Tests and consequences thereof involving containment conditions can be viewed in Section-B:35-1 of the attached report.

Description: Object was found on the shore of the Red Sea, 30 Jan 1968, emitting a low sigh and a dim blue gleam. Its color has since turned into an orange mix of red only emitting a hum of varying volume whilst in the presence of female examiners of ages between 34 and 41. SCP-093 resembled the documented blue for 54:34 at 1:23 on 26 April 1986 coincidentally when the body of 194-9834 was discovered in Research Facility █████.

Ties between 194-9834 and SCP-093 remain inconclusive and effects of prolonged exposure to 093 remain unknown except for infrequent reports of periods of calmness and in the case of 242-0049 as periodic waves of depression, loss of balance and thoughts of suicide. These feelings have reportedly not exceeded eleven days in duration. Object seemed to react to the presence of 242-0056 by turning light violet for no more than 2:09, as documented on 12 March 1993. Effects of this reaction remain unknown.

Additional Notes: Origins of 093 remain unknown and documents of recovery of 093 have since been destroyed in a fire in Research Facility █████, 09 December 1989. Reports on the feelings of researchers who handled 093 have remained inconsequential since 19 April 1995.

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