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Item #: SCP-094

Object Class: Euclid [Under consideration for change to Keter]

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-094 is immovable, so Site ██ was built around it. The facility is [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-094 has no physical appearance. To the best of our abilities, the item can be described as a "displacement of air." It is very large, filling a 1.42m3 (50ft3) room. The object appears to be a miniature event horizon, freezing the image of whatever enters it. The image is then stuck forever. We are not sure where the subject goes after entering, but staff have reported hearing screams and mad laughter coming from the room. The after-images do not fade, and include 4 D-class personnel, one Dr. █████████, and three ropes, all of which vanish 9.1m (30ft) in. This object is to be considered dangerous to approach, and should only be studied from a distance. Further testing is required to determine the nature of the object, which has been theorized to be a cosmic rip, among other things.

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