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Item #: SCP-096

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-096 is to be held within a standard-size holding cell that is to be kept at approximately 30 degrees Celsius at all times, as the object's effects are most visible at warmer temperatures. SCP-096 is to be used specifically under direct order and only by Class-D personnel, as activation will cause [DATA EXPUNGED]. Deceased personnel are to be removed by a team of two (2) Class-3 security guards and placed in Large Refuse-Compactor 2B (LRC-2B). For proper handling of SCP-affected personnel, please read [DATA EXPUNGED] of the SCP Maintenance Handbook.

Description: SCP-096, in appearance, is a home air-conditioning unit of standard design, though the manufacturer and distributor are unknown and not noted anywhere on SCP-096. Upon activation, SCP-096 freezes the activator almost instantaneously. Upon autopsy of [DATA EXPUNGED], morticians discovered that the body's cells remained intact, though all molecular movement had been extremely slowed. According to an audio log of the cellular examination, one researcher commented that, "[Expletive] looks like it stopped, Jim. Thought that sort of thing was impossible." Damage to vital organs remained at a minimum. PET scans showed no brain activity among affected subjects, and heart function had ceased as well. The skin of the affected turns translucent immediately after attempting to activate SCP-096. While the affected are "clinically dead," it is believed that they may merely be in a very low-energy state, similar to being cryogenically frozen.

The inner workings of SCP-096 reveal that of a standard air conditioner, but the coolant used is an unknown compound. Dr. Bots has sent numerous samples of the substance to [DATA EXPUNGED], which have all delivered inconclusive results. Attempts to duplicate the molecular structure of SCP-096's coolant have failed.

Additional Notes: Once frozen, affected personnel are impossible to "thaw," even under extreme heat. SCP-096 thus has potential to more easily contain high-risk Keter-class SCPs. SCP-096's effects on other SCPs is currently being researched.

Also, when being activated with an object acting as a median, SCP-096 still manages to freeze the personnel attempting to activate it. This either suggests some level of sentience or that SCP-096's coolant is specifically targeted towards biological matter. These ideas are currently being researched as well.

Addendum 314: For proper maintenance and cleaning of SCP-096, please see pages [DATA EXPUNGED] of the SCP Maintenance Handbook.

Researcher comments: The coolant contained within SCP-096 is not to be ingested by any non-test subject. Once in the body, the coolant does not exit, and will rearrange matter to create more of itself. In other words, it will freeze you to the point of incapacitation. So for those of you thinking that it will make your iced coffee colder, you have been warned. -Dr. Bots

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