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Item #: SCP-097

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-097 is located in the director's office. Any personnel with clearance are welcome to deposit a coin.

Description: SCP-097 is an antique, iron-cast mechanical bank in the shape of an African-American stereotype (black face, big smiling red lips, large white teeth) that was popular with children around the turn of the 20th century. A right arm sticks out with an open palm, where any denomination of coin can be placed and the arm pushed down and released, flipping the coin into the bank's "mouth".

If an American coin minted between 1865 to present is used with this device, anyone present can faintly hear the hum and music of old Negro spirituals for around thirty seconds. Any coin minted before 1865 will elicit screams interspersed with the cracking of whips and cursing, along with the sounds of a fire raging. Very rarely, these vintage coins will result in what sounds like voodoo chanting and singing.

Addendum [SCP-097b]: Attempts to find the source of the sounds have proven inconclusive. The donor of SCP-097 ███████ █████ gave no information on the item in question, stating only on his wanting to be rid of it. The donor ███████ █████ died shortly after SCP-097 left his possession, his body found infested with flies of an unknown species. It is unknown what relation the flies have to to SCP-097 but on testing the item it seems nonthreatening to anyone, making the donor's death unsolved.

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