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Item #: SCP-098

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The procedures followed at Containment Site-91 are to be upheld, as any deviation may be detrimental to the existence of the SCP program. The entrance is to be sealed with double layer iron doors insulated with ████ █████. These doors are only to be opened and entered by Level-4 clearance personnel, however personnel must be made aware that retrieval in the case of a mishap is impossible due to circumstances surrounding the cave.

The cave must be observed at all times by at least two Level-3 personnel who possess [DATA EXPUNGED], to be determined by intensive examinations by [DATA EXPUNGED]. In the case of ████████ personnel, are to be subjected to polygraph tests and be proven to have a scoffing disbelief of all manners and aspects of ████████.

Any unauthorized personnel attempting to enter SCP-098 without authorization code Delta-█████-Gamma are to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Description: The true nature of SCP-098 has yet to be determined, but rumors amongst pious individuals claim it to be a gateway to a 'terrible hell.' It was discovered in 19██ when ███ ███████ disappeared. Upon calling the attention of the ██████ police department and the ███████'s family, the cave was explored by three police officers. Two were reported to be [DATA EXPUNGED] while a third officer had already stumbled back towards the entrance. It was discovered later that the third party member was a devout member of the local ███████ █████. The officer was taken into custody by SCP personnel and the site was later secured.

Internal monitoring of cave has proved fruitless. An unmanned exploratory probe was released into the cave, however it was discovered that at around a depth of ███ meters within the cave, all electronic equipment is rendered null and useless. Information from a greater depth is available only through observations made by Level-4 personnel returning from journeys within the cave.

12/25/19██- An armed troop of Class D personnel newly indoctrinated in the █████████ ██████ make their way into the cave to breach the ███ meter limit on foot.

12/28/19██ ██ meters in, the team found odd words etched in the █████ language. It was rumored among staff to be [DATA EXPUNGED] (See Appendix A: Inscription within the cave).

1/02/19██ About ██ meters into the cave, the team described it as having [DATA EXPUNGED].

1/03/19██ Communication between the team is strained. The mental state of the team was rumored to be strained.

1/06/19██ Communication with the exploration team is cut off completely. Nothing was recovered.

1/16/19██- The tunnel to █████ has been sealed and all future exploration is denied.

Appendix A: Cave Inscription; found approximately ██ meters deep in the cave- (loosely translated to modern English): [DATA EXPUNGED]

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