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Item #: SCP-099

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-099 must be held in a 10m x 10m room inside a glass container. It is crucial that no objects are brought to the containment cell and all personnel must be stripped of any belongings before entry. At least two Level 3 personnel must enter the cell when conducting experiments. After the incident [DATA EXPUNGED] touching the object without special permission is prohibited.

Description: The item is an ordinary looking 5cm x 5cm metal cube with unusual properties. Object was found at [DATA EXPUNGED]. When touched by human being, the subject gains ability to see and manipulate object's four dimensional structure. Furthermore the SCP-099 will consume any inserted object and grow in size, even though its three dimensional surface is seamless and solid. Being 4 dimensional, it has more volume than what is visible to the outside. All test subjects have reported fascination and strong desire desire to insert items inside SCP-099 after touching and manipulating it. Prolonged exposure leads to strong cravings to put extremities inside the object and unwillingness to let go of it. Attempting to forcibly remove the subject from contact with the object is extremely hazardous (see Research report #163).

Research report #162-a: The contents of SCP-099

Agent ████ ████████ decided that he should examine the interior of the object after seeing that inserting limbs is not dangerous and only leads to the growth of the object. This was confirmed with extensive medical examination and I granted the permission for proceeding. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Dr. █████████ addendum: It seems that both Agent ████ ████████ and Dr. █████████ have gone missing during the experiment #162-a. The SCP-099 has grown to the size of 50cm x 50cm. Manipulating the object in the 4th dimension takes more effort now. Conducting further experiments with more personnel soon.

Research report #163: ███████████

[DATA EXPUNGED] After trying to pull ██████████████ away from the cube, his hands were severely shredded by the four dimensional properties of the SCP-099 and soon it spilled out the remains of [DATA EXPUNGED] The object has now returned to 5cm x 5cm size.

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