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Item #: SCP-100

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-100 is to be kept in the center of a locked room 50 x 50 meters in size. Only class D personnel are allowed to enter SCP-100, although it is very discouraged for any person to enter SCP-100 regardless of clearance level. Personnel entering SCP-100 must never close SCP-100’s door and must enter in groups of at least two persons. Any analysis of photos or footage of SCP-100's insides must be analyzed by at least two persons at the same time.

Description: First discovered in 19██ by 28-year-old ███████ █████ (from hereon referred to as Victim Zero), SCP-100 has the physical appearance of a typical portable toilet. When Victim Zero entered SCP-100 for the first time, he was taken out after 20 minutes when a passer-by heard him screaming from inside SCP-100. After being taken out, he was extremely disturbed and aggressive. Victim Zero was arrested and became highly introverted and reluctant to speak to anyone. When asked about what he saw in SCP-100, he became aggressive, and started screaming in terror about "the worst thing in the world" being inside SCP-100. Reports of cases like his continued appearing for several days, and the Foundation eventually arrived to investigate the case and took Victim Zero under custody.

Apparently, SCP-100 has the property of attracting people in a radius of 20 meters and tempting them to enter it. It only attracts one person at a time. Most of the people who enter SCP-100 are never seen again. Those who escape exhibit behavior similar to that of Victim Zero, including the reaction when asked about what was inside SCP-100. Many of the survivors developed suicidal tendencies. Apparently, this effect upon people only takes place once the door is closed. Somehow, SCP-100 has the same effect on people even when they are looking at its insides through remote monitoring devices.

When SCP-100's door is closed its inner area increases dramatically. When entered by more than one person at the same time, its insides are a completely empty, white room. Photos and video footage of the insides of SCP-100 show the same empty room when material is viewed by more than one person at the same time. When only one person enters SCP-100 or sees material of SCP-100, said person suffers the psychological effects of SCP-100.

Addendum [SCP-100b]: After much psychological therapy, Victim Zero confessed that he was responsible for creating SCP-100. According to his statement, he used SCP-100 (when it was still a portable toilet) for a ritual he found in a text on the internet. Victim Zero still has given no details about the contents of this text and his reaction when asked about the insides of SCP-100 has not changed. A special team has been formed to locate and permanently take down the text. As of now, there has been no success.

Addendum [SCP-100c]: Attempts to destroy SCP-100 have been futile and have shown a certain level of self-awareness in SCP-100, as people involved in the destruction attempts have exhibited behaviors typical in SCP-100's victims even if they never entered SCP-100. As a consequence of incident SCP-100-0, all future destruction attempts have been suspended (for more information on incident SCP-100-0, see document SCP-100-0b)

Document SCP-100-0b [DATA EXPUNGED]

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