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Item #: SCP-1000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1000 must be contained in a soundproof ten (10) by ten (10) meter room at all times. Only personnel with at least Level 4 security clearance may safely enter the containment area. All personnel entering the containment area must possess some degree of musical proficiency. This may include technical proficiency (singing, playing an instrument) or theoretical training (composition, music theory). Personnel lacking musical ability must be equipped with noise canceling headphones. Only individuals with significant proficiency with the guitar may safely hold or play SCP-1000. Failure to comply may result in the death or insanity of the affected personnel. Only one (1) person may enter at any given time.

Description: SCP-1000 is an electric guitar of unknown manufacture. It is paired with a Marshall half-stack amplifier. It was retrieved from the World Trade Center wreckage in 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, although its ultimate origins remain unknown. The guitar and amplifier both appeared to have been severely burnt, although both items continue to function without any performance degradation.

SCP-1000 has the ability to play itself. Observation reveals that it favors popular music from the middle of the twentieth century. The guitar has somehow found a means (most likely extra-dimensional) to determine who is 'worthy' of playing it. Those who are not 'worthy' risk insanity, hemorrhaging, death, and even complete disintegration by the 'music' it plays in their presence. The deadly music may sometimes be things played backwards with subliminal messages in them, or audio recordings of torture and murder.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #84b-3.

Document #84b-3: Exposure to Class D personnel:

Three test subjects were selected to participate in initial testing. Two of the subjects played an instrument; one played the guitar and the other played the piano. The third subject reported no musical training and did not exhibit any musical proficiency.

When the subjects entered the containment area, SCP-1000 began to play. However, because of the multiple people in the room, it was "confused" and proceeded to wail and howl. The subjects were taken out. The subjects then entered the room one by one. The results are as follows:

Subject 1 (Pianist), [DATA EXPUNGED]: The subject entered the room, and proceeded to listen to the guitar play. However, when he tried to pick it up, the result was somewhat similar to touching a hot stove. The subject came out with minor burns on his hand, but no critical damage.

Subject 2 (Guitarist), [DATA EXPUNGED]: The amplifier and guitar immediately began to play songs by The Beatles and other early 60's bands as the subject entered. Subject 2 warily picked up the guitar, and began to play. The guitar did not respond in any negative way.

Subject 3 (Non-musician), [DATA EXPUNGED]: Upon entering, the guitar was silent for subject 3. As he sat down, the guitar screeched from feedback. It began to play unknown music (All recordings of from the incident have contained only static). The subject covered his ears and began to rock in a fetal position. For reasons unknown, subject then crawled towards the guitar. Whe subject made contact with 1000, the hand used to make contact ignited. After smothering the fire, the guitar began to play audio recordings of horribly grotesque murders and torture, leaving out no detail. Subject 3 began to bleed from the ears, eyes, and nostrils. After thirty (30) seconds of this, he simply vanished.

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