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The previous home of SCP-1002

Item #: SCP-1002

Object Class: Safe/Euclid (See Addendum 1002-A)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1002 is to be kept in a standard containment cell in the facility at █████████ ███████. When not in use, two (2) armed guards are to be placed outside the door to the containment cell housing SCP-1002. These guards are to be completely informed of the consequences of improper interaction with SCP-1002 and the effects of intervention by SCP-1002-1. When in use, one guard is to accompany the user into the room housing SCP-1002 while the other remains outside for the duration of use (see Addendum 1002-B for suggested use duration times). In the event of irresistible compulsion on the part of the user, the accompanying guard is to use whatever force necessary to prevent the user from touching SCP-1002-2, up to and including termination with extreme prejudice. A note for guards: no matter who the user is, the results of contact with SCP-1002-2 are overwhelming, and all orders relating to the contact thereof by the user should be followed. In the event of contact with SCP-1002-2, all guards are to evacuate the room, leaving the focus of SCP-1002-1 inside the room. The door should then be locked. Once all sounds coming from the room have ceased, a clean-up crew should be dispatched to clean the room.

Description: SCP-1002 is a very ornate chair about 4 meters high and 2 wide with a large jewel in the middle of the back of the chair. Sitting in the chair has no consequences beyond the ability of omniscience (which in some cases causes migraines). This ability manifests itself in a sort of second sight, allowing the user to look wherever he or she wishes to, and also allowing the user to see virtually anything that exists in this universe. SCP-1002 does not have the ability to see para-dimensional objects, and the chair itself cannot be seen while sitting in it, causing researchers to hypothesize that the chair is para-dimensional in origin. The only negative effects of sitting in the chair are an almost irresistible urge to touch the large jewel in the back of the chair (which is not usually contacted when simply sitting in the chair). Upon skin contact with the large jewel (hereafter referred to as SCP-1002-2), SCP-1002-1 will materialise from the ███████ of the chair and proceed to attack and devour the user. Upon the devouring of the user, SCP-1002-1 will circle the chair for approximately 10 seconds and will then go back into the ███████ of the chair, after which no trace of its presence can be detected. It is unknown whether SCP-1002-1 is some sort of manifestation of the chair itself, or a completely different creature altogether. However, all attempts to separate SCP-1002-1 from SCP-1002 have met with failure. The protective tendencies of SCP-1002-1 have lead some researchers to presume that the jewel in the back of the chair is what powers the omniscience ability of the chair. However, these claims cannot be proven since we are as yet unable to kill SCP-1002-1.

Addendum 1002-A:
Due to SCP-1002-1's materialization only when SCP-1002-2 is touched, Dr. ███████ has placed a request do update the category of SCP-1002 to Safe.

Addendum 1002-B:
Due to Dr. ███████'s unfortunate mishap with SCP-1002 after sitting in it for over two hours, use of the chair is hereafter restricted to a 1 hour maximum. Guards are instructed to forcibly remove those who attempt to linger longer than 1 hour with the chair, even if they are capable of not touching SCP-1002-2.

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