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Item #: SCP-1002

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be held in well lit 2.5m X 2.5m X 2m cell. Only personnel with level 3 or level 4 security clearance are allowed access to SCP-1002. Personnel with level 2 clearance allowed access only if accompanied by level 3 or 4 personnel. Subject is to be sedated at all times. Only personnel with level 3 or level 4 security clearance may administer the sedative. Subject's doll is not to be moved under any circumstances. No more than 2 personnel are allowed in subject's cell at any given time. Subject is to be fed a diet consistent with that of a child five times every day. Biweekly cell cleanings are to be done only by those with permission by level 4 security clearance, and in the presence of level 3 or 4 security clearance personnel.

Description: SCP-1002 appears to be a small child, age five to eight. Subject was found unconscious in Arizona desert. Attempt at retrieval of subject by civilian resulted in four deaths. The bodies were mutilated beyond recognition, and could only be identified by what fingerprints were left. Subject reacts violently to females in close proximity (approx. 10m), but is unresponsive to males. Video surveillance reveals subject is docile and slow moving while alone, however moves extremely fast during said outbursts. Subject carries what appears to be a stuffed bear. Maroon residue on the bear has been identified as human blood. Attempts at retrieval of the bear have been unsuccessful. The subject proceeds into a fit of rage if the bear is removed from his grasp, whether by human or mechanical means. While in captivity the subject chants in an unknown language. Attempts at communication with subject have failed. Personnel report extreme fear and anxiety while in close proximity to the child. It is unknown whether the cause is the bear or the child.

Addendum 120.1: twelve out of fifteen of the personnel who came in close proximity with the subject have either committed suicide or are in advanced stages of psychosis. Victims still alive chant in a similar language of SCP-1002. Attempts at communication are unsuccessful.

Addendum 120.2: Subject has gained an apparent immunity to the tranquilizers. Three personnel dead and one severely injured. Subject now extremely violent. No personnel other than those with level 4 security clearance are allowed contact with subject. Personnel must wear full body armor.

Addendum 120.3.1: Twenty suicides of personnel reported, including those of personnel on security watch over video surveillance. ███ ██████ reports during psychiatric therapy: "It's like he….. He…. sees you through the camera. He just glares at you. But you don't see him. You see other stuff. Picture the scariest thing you can think of. He makes that a reality. He makes you want to do things you wouldn't normally do. Horrible things." ███ ██████ later contracted epilepsy, schizophrenia, and other acute mental disorders.

Addendum 120.3.2: ███ ██████ has killed himself by scratching his chest until he ripped through his skin, and he was missing his heart. it was later found in his stomach partially digested. The level of breakdown of the heart indicates the stomach acids were pumping for at least three hours. Further surveillance shows the absence of the stuffed bear from the subject's cell for approximately twelve minutes.

Addendum 120.4: Further research into the effect of the subject's influence reveals the side effects are only present with close proximity or live video feed. Recorded video has no effect. Further study has resumed via recored video.

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