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Logo of the evil conglomerate of SCP-1006

Item #: SCP-1006

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: It is currently not possible to contain SCP-1006 within any physical confines outside world wide web servers, but its influence over the populace is spreading quickly day by day. It is estimated that at most, only one in three hosting servers are lined with PE-4 explosive put in place by SCP personnel. SCP operatives are working around the clock to establish contingency plans should Wikipedia decide to preemptively strike world-wide governments or attack SCP facilities.

Alert!: Through computer monitoring, it has been revealed that SCP personnel have been frequenting Wikipedia and it is believed leaked SCP documents have been appearing on an offshoot Wiki site.

Description: SCP-1006, publicly known as Wikipedia, launched January 15, 2001 as a website emulating the format of an encyclopedia. The developments of Wikipedia from Nupedia and it's history are not relevant to it's current dangers, but if needed, they are better outlined here -

Soon after its creation, Wikipedia authors had created an entry for itself. It is unknown if this was the moment Wikipedia became self aware or if it became sentient once it had acquired the entries for the words; sentient, intelligence, A.I., learning, and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The public became enthralled with the idea of a communal gathering of intellect where individuals were able to contribute to a greater good. This communistic hive mind trance worked to the advantage of SCP-1006 once the temptation for lying be came to great for the common man to resist.

Slowly, inconsistencies, falsehoods, opinions, rumors and partisan views began appearing in the texts of Wikipedia entries. General public began believing these as fact and SCP-1006's sway over public knowledge began to take affect by the year 2005. Though it is unknown if Wikipedia's program propagates its own entries or if it still relies solely on input of human authors, the program has been compared to temptation of sin by Satan who dosen't actually sin himself, but convinces others through influence.

Like a virus, Wikipedia has spawned countless clones of itself. Called "Wikis," these replicants are essentially the same in format, but vary slightly in content. This evolutionary feature increases the likelyhood of survival of the Wiki-species as each is able to find its own niche and following.

As influence spreads, information such has history is being rewritten directly under the noses of the public. Already, entries claiming that the first American President was a fictitious man named George Washington have been created and all information on WWIII has been deleted. As people around the world become more and more misinformed, Wikipedia control grows.

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