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SCP-1009 as it appears today

Item #: SCP-1009

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No artifacts or fossils excavated from the dig of SCP-1009 are to be removed from Research Site-44. All information on SCP-1009 is on a strictly, "need to know" basis, as rumors around SCP-1009 are believed to degrade the validity of the research being conducted there.

Description: Located at Site-44, in North America, SCP-1009 challenges every previously known preconception about mankind's history during the stone age era. Found on the North American Continent, toward the end of the 20th century, SCP-1009 is a human dwelling over 4000 years old. Rather than a typical cave, great care was taken in hollowing out an enormous white granite boulder into four joined chambers. Inside its forty foot radius, advanced tools and structures have been found along with the bones of a wide variety extinct animals and those of human beings.

It is believed that the techniques used to move the stone slabs at Stonehenge thousands of years later, and on the other side of the ocean, were quite different from the techniques used in moving the boulder of SCP-1009 from a stone quarry several miles away to its current location. Evidence has been found that "beast of burden" were used in the everyday lives of these stone age men.

While radiometric dating of soil, wood and bone samples found within the dwelling range between 4200 to 4000 B.C.E., a fossil of theropod dinosaur rests next to that of a fossil of Smilodon californicus (sabertooth-cat), two species separated by over 65 million years, yet both dated to be the same age. The bones of a small wooly mammoth were found on the opposite side of the entrance of SCP-1009 and several fossils of apatosaurus were found at the local stone quarry. Again, all fossils have been dated to around 4000 years ago.

Artifacts within include a stone dais that may have been used for sleeping, a stone table, and a stone box with wooden components within that allow a stone disc on top to rotate. Several stone discs the size of platters were found with circular etchings on them that are currently being studied as an early form of art. Along side the stone box and discs are the fossils of an extinct bird, noted for it's extremely long, narrow, pointed bill in contrast to it's relatively small size.

Human remains found within SCP-1009 include those of two thinly framed women (perhaps underfed or starved), a large Neanderthal like man, and a much shorter, squat man who might be a dwarf or pygmy.

Outside SCP-1009, a stone and wood cart was found. Instead of wheels, a stone cylinder at each end was attached to a wooden frame. Rather than pulled by an animal, it is believed that the cart was moved by the feet of the occupants.

Addendum: The theropd found within the dwelling is a small dinosaur, 3 meters long and thought to be domesticated as no evidence has been found that it or the smilodon were killed by man made weapons or eaten as no tooth markings appear on the bone.

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