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Item #: SCP-10102

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-10102 is to be kept locked in a EM protected container at all times, except for testing and Thursday nights. Under no circumstances in SCP-10102 to be attached to or near a computer that currently has up a google page with "porn" in the search box. The result of activating it could cause catastrophic levels of damage.

Description: SCP-10102 is a tan plastic device shaped like a male [REDACTED]. A small screen is built-in on one side, and a USB plug is attached to the back end. When plugged into any computer, it will start up an unidentifiable program a program called root.exe, which allows searches on any program or internet page currently on screen for a variable number that can not normally be changed by direct control, such as post counts and high scores. Upon selecting one of the search results, the object will grow in size proportionally to the size of the number and it's size in relation to another related numbers.

Addendum: On ██/██/████, SCP-10102 was accidentally exposed to a full list of all SCP numbers in use, including it's own. After approximately 13 seconds, it grew to ██ meters long and █ meter high, breaking through ██ walls and damaging ██% of the facility it was in. In addition, writing was found on the object, through unknown means. Through use of security camera's, it was determined that they spelled out, "Fuck you 10101." SCP-10101, being the awesome guy he is, forgave 10102, and they now play poker every Thursday night.

Addendum 10102-2: The program has been identified as root.exe. Next time, maybe you could ask the system analyst… or look at the name of the program on the device. -Pat

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