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Item #: SCP-1012

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1012 is contained at site [DATA EXPUNGED] in Containment Unit 44-B. (hereafter referred to as CU44-B) Containment Unit is to be constructed of 5 centimeter steel reinforced with concrete, is to remain at a temperature of -1 degree Celsius, and be filled with 1 meter of water. SCP-1012 should only be handled by D Class Personnel. Personnel are advised not to look SPC-1012 in the eyes as it causes hostility in SCP-1012 and personnel alike. If personnel must enter into CU44-B in a group, the group can consist of no more than 4 D Class Personnel. A group should only enter if SCP-1012 needs to be subdued for testing. SCP-1012 is impervious to all known tranquilizers, poisons, and chemicals. Transportation of SCP-1012 is forbidden. After many failed attempts to destroy SCP-1012, including direct C4 blasts, incineration, and firing squad, a 50 megaton nuclear warhead has been placed at Site [DATA EXPUNGED], until successful destruction of SCP-1012, in case of escape attempt.

Description: SCP-1012 was found in a crevasse at the following coordinates, S 45° 8', W 124° 42' 47, during a deep water submarine test, by [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1012 is an intelligent sentient being who possesses telekinetic, telepathic and many other mental powers. Its physical appearance seems to differ slightly with each personnel, but its basic apperance generaly remains the same throughout- humanoid posture, 2.5 meters tall, muscular build, skin is a scaled light blue, gills on either side on its neck (don’t seem to be used when SPC-1012 is out of water), large black fish-like eyes, and webbed digits. It has tentacles writhing from its face as if an octopus was stuck to it, its mouth, though hard to see because of the tentacles, reaches ear to ear with thin lips and is filled with small sharp teeth. No nose is visible.

SCP-1012 seems to have some sort of linguistic skills. It has only muttered small phrases, which can hardly be interpreted into human speech. All attempts to communicate with SCP-1012 were fruitless and only ended in casualties.

SCP-1012, when under video surveillance, has been found to study his surroundings as if looking for some sort of fault in the construction. (perhaps a more secure containment cell is in order).

When approached for the first time in CU44-B a group of 6 class D personnel entered to evaluate the creature. Video footage shows SCP-1012 killing five of them unmercifully with telekinetic abilities, crushing heads and ripping personnel in half. In a matter of seconds SCP-1012 stood over Subject-0902 and waved his arm as if shooing him away. SCP-1012 then went to the far corner of CU44-B, and sat cross-legged in the water.

Further testing shows that when personnel are in the proximity of SCP-1012, the rules of geometry and physics seem to no longer apply- right angles become acute, and obtuse angles become circles,etc. This can easily cause dementia, insanity, and hostility. It is rare but sometimes when Class D personnel enter he merely ignores them as they take samples, jot down notes, and carry out their research. In ever rarer cases when personnel enter, he will look at them bewildered like a dog would- on these occasions the personnel will suddenly drop dead and upon investigation, the autopsy will show that they no longer have a brain or a circulatory system.

After exposure to SCP-1012 subjects report having strange dreams of underwater cities, bustling with thousands of beings similar to SCP-1012.

Rumors have it that he may be able to fly, as some personnel report seeing him levitate in his cell, regardless of having no wings.

Notes: video footage proves theory of flight, in fact, by our calculations, if SCP-1012 were given open area he could fly Mach-2 Speed.

Recent Notes SCP-1012 attempted escape, nuclear warhead was detonated, which resulted in the destruction of Site [DATA EXPUNGED] and all nearby towns. SCP-1012 was found alive, but unconscious enough to be transported to Site-19.

Additional Notes Nuclear warhead was not detonated via the detonation process, which seems to mean SCP-1012 detonated it itself, somehow. further investigation shows that when SCP-1012 emitted a seismic energy blast it may have triggered the 50 megaton warhead. According to audio Transmissions coming from Site [DATA EXPUNGED] to HQ, SCP-1012 had nearly destroyed the whole site, with brutal aggression and telekinesis, before the nuclear warhead was even detonated.

[Audio record of phone call from [DATA EXPUNGED] to HQ.]



[DATA EXPUNGED]: This is [DATA EXPUNGED] at site [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-1012 is attempting to escape, Sir! He's destroyed The whole place and killed SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED], and SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED].

[gunshots and screams heard in background]

HQ: Detonate NW-5 immediately.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Cant Sir, He has it!

HQ: what the hell do you mean he has it.

[strange shrieks apparently from SCP-1012]

[DATA EXPUNGED]: He has the fuckin' Nuke in his hands, hes walking with it as if he knows what it does!requesting HQ detonate NW-5 remotely.

HQ: It may take us a few minutes.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: He's doing something, I think hes tired! he breathing deep and holding the Warhead out.



[Loud Screech]


[Evaluation of only surviving personnel]

[Skip to 0h,2m,45s.]


Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: How do you feel?

Subject-0902: confused…lucky.

Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: confused?

Subject-0902: Geometry.

Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: what do you mean geometry?

Subject-0920: Geometry.

[Loud bangs and sounds of a fight break out.]

Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: [ineligible]

[Loud Gunshot]

Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: Turn That fucking Thing off!


Addendum-SCP-1012-A1: after more than 5 subjects separately reported underwater cities, personnel were dispatched to the coordinates SCP-1012 was found and investigated. SCP-1013 was found buried under 20 meters of soil in the same location SCP-1012 was found.

Addendum-SCP-1012-A2: Those with Level 4 Security Clearance should see document #[DATA EXPUNGED], and those with level 3 Security Clearance should see document #[DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum-SCP-1012-A3: Extended exposure to SCP-1012, has caused personnel to become fanatically and dangerously obsessed with numbers. Subjects, cease to use any known human language, instead using random collections of numbers, Some of these sequences have been matched to various irrational numbers. However, some of these sequences have only been recorded from a late stage, and as a result have contained digits that have not yet been discovered in any known irrational numbers.

Document#[DATA EXPUNGED]: Plans are currently being drawn up, for attempt #8, for the destruction of SCP-1012.


Any And All Personnel who enter CU44-B, are to be terminated after evaluation, regardless of rank, due to mind control abilities of SCP-1012.

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