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Item #: SCP-1013

Object Class: Keter/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1013 is to be kept in a spherical containment room, suspended in the center by electromagnets, located outside the cell. The cell wall must be as close to the mathematical constant e (2.71828…) meters in thickness. The radius of the room must be as close as possible to the "Golden ratio (1.618…)," in meters (See document SCP-1013-ContSpecA). Only class D personnel may enter the containment cell via the access hatch. Class D personnel exposed to SCP-1013 must be kept in a soundproofed holding cell, divided in two by iron rebar, until termination is ordered by personnel of security level 4 or higher. Only personnel cleared by level 4 or higher security personnel may enter the cell, but must not pass through the door into the half of the cell containing the class D personnel. When class D personnel leave the chamber they must be heavily sedated before transporting to the cell.

Description: SCP-1013's appearance varies from viewer to viewer, even when viewed through a video feed. This has been deemed the only safe manner to view SCP-1013, although prolonged exposure has yet to be proven safe. Regardless of description, SCP-1013 appears as a perfect sphere. When an appropriate gauge is placed near it, viewers report several approximations of the radius, many of which have been identified to correspond with important mathematical constants, although none of them integers, with the exception of 1. To some subjects, SCP-1013 has appeared invisible, suggesting a radius of zero.

Exposure to SCP-1013 has not proven fatal as yet, but has, without fail, resulted in descent to complete mental instability and eventual collapse. The object appears to affect only humans, hence the classification status. As a result, no personnel other than class D are to be allowed into its cell. Subjects, when conscious, after exposure to SCP-1013 have been observed to continually utter sequences of digits. Radiation suits seem to prevent this, but the long-term effectiveness is unknown. Furthermore, no radiation has been detected from SCP-1013, so the effectiveness of Radiation suits remains a mystery. Some of these sequences have been matched to various irrational numbers. However, some of these sequences have only been recorded from a late stage, and as a result have contained digits that have not yet been discovered in any known irrational numbers.

Personnel exposed have been known to burst into bouts of rage directed at other humans. It is theorized that this may be circumvented by a cell of particular dimensions, but these dimensions have not yet been found. Even during these outbursts, the subjects continue to utter sequences of digits, at a uniform pace, but tend to yell or scream them, rather than pronounce them.

It has been shown that these sequences continue through a subject's mind, even when unconscious, as subjects who have been sedated for longer periods of time begin uttering digits further along the number than ones who were unconscious for shorter periods. Continued study and recording of these sequences is recommended for scientific and mathematical purposes.

Document 1013-1D; report to [DATA EXPUNGED].:
{Begin audio record}
Upon investigation of ████████████, the discovery site of SCP-████, a curious object was found. Found under almost twenty meters of soil, it was retrieved with no significant -
{unintelligible moans and yelps}
{Pronunciation of digits continues until recording device's batteries depleted.}
{End audio record.}

Document SCP-1013-ContSpecA:
Memo to O5-█, O5-█, O5-█, and O5-██.
The newest object at site ██ has been causing some disturbances. Despite our best efforts, all containment cells have thus far been unsuccessful. I understand that it may seem pointless to construct a containment cell for an object that can be held in place, but there are ramifications for leaving it open air (See addendum 1). The containment cells so far have either exploded or collapsed entirely within a number of minutes. While it is not an issue to reconstruct them, it is becoming an unnecessary expenditure of resources and as such I must request some additional funds for the purposes of finding an ideally-sized containment cell. Also requested are more Class D personnel to be allocated to this facility in order to construct the containment cells.

[Addendum 1]
On containment materials: Concrete has been found to dampen the effects of SCP-1013 most effectively. Lead has proven to be ineffective, and has been known to melt, yet the temperature of the lead remains at a constant room temperature. This effect is being investigated.
On effects of exposure: Before being contained in a cell that seems to suit SCP-1013's apparent "preferences" for dimensions, or no cell at all, exposure to the object has produced different effects on exposed subjects. Most notably is a very forcible and painful alteration of physical appearance. Specifically, the body is crushed and distorted until several physical properties are in certain ratios with one another. As a result of this, many injuries varying from broken limbs to spinal columns literally extending, have been recorded. The latter has occurred only once, but provided a great curiosity for the medical team.
On rare occasions, when objects of particular dimensions were bought into proximity of the object, it displayed some form of autonomy, moving rapidly towards the particular object. Anyone carrying the object literally vaporised in a cloud of fine pink mist, which then disappeared in a flash of plasma. The object then disappeared on contact with SCP-1013. Where these objects go is unknown, as there has been no noted increase in the mass of SCP-1013. As a result of this, only objects that are not of a regular shape may be bought into SCP-1013's containment cell, but all objects must be bent or dented in some way, if possible, to avoid any accidental ratio.

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