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Item #: SCP-1015

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1015 is to be contained in a brightly lit room with no less than 13 dream catchers blessed by [DATA EXPUNGED] and is to remain in isolation. SCP-1015 is only to be observed by remote camera and only by faculty with class 2 or higher clearance. SCP's containment chamber is also to be fitted with speakers that have a constant loop of classical music. If music or lights fail Lockdown procedure 23 is to be enacted.

Description: SCP-1015 is approximately 20 feet tall, and jet black, with a body that closely resembles a spider. It has eight leg like appendages that seem to move in a mechanical fashion and rotate in a pattern that resembles a lightning bolt. Eyewitness descriptions of the entity describe it as a creature made of living smoke. It has six black eyes over it's mouth which resembles a human mouth with large jagged teeth. Although SCP-1015 is very intimidating to behold, it can't physically harm living beings. Instead, SCP-1015 attacks by thrusting it's appendages into it's victims minds and making them extremely violent within moments. Victims either become extremely homicidal or suicidal and will savagely attack with anything available. Victims seem to be in a trance state that seems to have the same effects as PCP, Methamphetamine, LSD and Cannabis in combination.

SCP-1015 was first located at site [DATA EXPUNGED] in [DATA EXPUNGED] by Agent [DATA EXPUNGED] while on vacation in the city. Its origins are unknown but the agent encountered a woman who seemed to be under the influence of large amounts of drugs. She claimed to have "summoned" the spider from "the void", who then used the creature to do her bidding via telepathic link. After the local was terminated, SCP-1015 seemed to be enraged by the death of its master and attacked the Agents. SCP-1015 was finally contained with a dream catcher located in Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED]'s office. Dream catchers seem to be the only means of containing SCP-1015.

Currently, SCP-1015 is responsible for the deaths of over 92 class D personnel, due to "psychic attacks."

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