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Item #: SCP-1018 Parasitic Contamination

The parasitic organism, codenamed PA6 was originally located in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Not much information has been revealed about the specimen, research was conducted at [DATA EXPUNGED] until most of the test subjects had either died or become disfigured beyond recognition.


The specimen itself is parasitic in nature and appears to have an unstoppable need for constant reproduction. It appears to have no organs or appendages connected directly to the body, instead the organism appears to be comprised entirely of a nervous system.

There is no average weight or size of the specimen. Most of the research that has been completed on the organism has shown that their shape and size can differ depending on the climate and environment it is contained in; none of these conditions, however, appear to have any negative effects on them.

The organism was originally thought to be feeding on its hosts, but upon closer inspection it was concluded that the parasite has no need for nutrition. Most of the patients who were thought to be near this specimen were infected and died or were [DATA EXPUNGED] to prevent further contamination of the facility.


If the specimen is captured or found, it must be immediately locked into a solid container filled with any highly acidic fluid. The organism cannot infect or reproduce under highly acidic conditions. Its movements are somewhat slowed by these fluids but the specimen is not entirely incapacitated. Tests have concluded that it cannot be permanently killed or frozen in stasis, therefore extreme caution must be taken while handling it, even when it is in containment.

Current Information

As stated before there have been four major outbreaks of the PA6 specimen. Currently most information has been lost or lies within the heart of the contamination near [DATA EXPUNGED].

Much controversy has arisen over its origin and what can be done to stop it. Its reported that many lives have been claimed due to its infectious nature. There have been several recordings of conversations between patients accused of infection and military officials, some of them may be controversial or disturbing in nature but anyone handling PA6 is required to know what may happen in a worst case scenario.

The following was a recording taken on June 16th, 1994. It is a conversation of an employee of [DATA EXPUNGED] and their potential rescuers.

[Recording Playback - Start]

PM - "How many of the workers are still alive?"
PM - "A few.. I think a few made it down the hallway to the escape shaft but.. we heard screams.. I don't know if they are still here.."
PM - "Where are you located right now?"
PM - "Just under the boiler room.. oh my god! That noise.. What's happening!?"
PM *Constant Static followed by illegible screaming*
PM - "Are you okay? What's happened, the team is on their way.."
PM - "Don't send them, don't send them! John!? It's got him.. oh god.. don't send them. John, What are you doing John!? *Illegible screams*
PM - "Affirmative. Teams are heading back."

[Recording Playback - End]

The recording implies that the worker may have been killed by a fellow co-worker.

After research conducted on PA6 it is clear that the host of the parasite loses complete control of their body and becomes the body of the parasite. This makes the specimen extremely dangerous and is why the original contamination site had to be [DATA EXPUNGED] regardless of survivors.

The origin site was considered to be locked down and secure, but since then 3 more outbreaks have occurred. At the rate the parasite is prone to spread, researchers estimate that over 83% of Europe and Asia could [DATA EXPUNGED]

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