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Item #: SCP-102

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-102 is to be kept in a containment chamber styled after an early 1900s bar/saloon. Any other environment will provoke an unwanted reaction from SCP-102. The containment chamber is to be backed with sufficient concrete and soundproofing, as effects of prolonged exposure to SCP-102's music is still under investigation. Any personnel entering SCP-102's chamber must be musically proficient at playing a piano; personnel not meeting these requirements will provoke an unwanted reaction from the object.

Description: SCP-102 is a player piano dating anywhere from the late 1800s to the early 1900s - carbon dating tests were inconclusive. Records claim that SCP-102 functioned normally until the year 1924, when its owner, ███ █████ died from heart failure. Since then, the piano has played only music described by listeners as, "haunting", "morbid", or "incredibly depressing". SCP-102 also has an adverse reaction to non-pianists and non-musicians being in its presence, making its music unbearable for people to listen to. The only personnel that SCP-102 seems to have a slightly positive reaction to is Doctor Bots, for reasons not fully understood. Though most traditional player pianos built in SCP-102's era played music via large, perforated rolls, SCP-102 merely has a blank roll in its place. Scientists, including Doctor Bots, are entirely unsure of how it creates its music.

Addendum: Under blindfold and with the accompaniment of two armed Level 3 personnel, the highly acclaimed "world's worst pianist" was brought to Site █ to interact with SCP-102. The results are further explained in this transcript from the incident:

DR. BOTS: Alright, Mr. █████, you may enter the room.

█████: Wh… What's it doing?

DR. BOTS: It's fine, it's simply doing what it always does

(Upon █████'s approach, SCP-102 begins playing discomforting, dissonant music)

█████: Why did it do that… Why is it-

(SCP-102 has started emitting faint screams, growing louder as █████ approaches. The music is getting steadily more discomforting.)

█████: Oh God… Please, make it stop. Make it stop!

DR. BOTS: Alright someone get him out of there. Jesus…

(█████ begins crying uncontrollably, shows signs of aggression towards guards)

DR. BOTS: Get this kid down to psych. He's probably got some kind of mental damage.

(end transcript)

Addendum 317: For proper maintenance of SCP-102, please read pages [DATA EXPUNGED] of the [DATA EXPUNGED] Handbook. Additionally, Level 3 personnel are to read Document 512-A for further information regarding the effects of [DATA EXPUNGED]

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