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Item #: SCP-1020

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject SCP-1020a is to be contained in a 0.3m (1ft) thick room made of any strong alloy, preferably lead. More than one personnel member must be in the room at all times, all level D, all wearing level 2 safety suits. Subjects are not to remain in the room, as SPC-1020a does not require sleep and will attack on sight.

Subject SCP-1020b is to be stored in a covered container, 0.28m2 (3ft2). Can be made of any material, although metal-alloys are recommended. This box must be in a room similar to SCP-1020a's. The container should only be opened by level D staff after receiving proper clearance.

Description: Subject SCP-1020b is a small, brown creature, resembling a crab in size and appearance. It has a strong protective shell, and four legs. The two front legs are far extended, and two smaller back legs. All legs are very powerful and can propel the creature several feet. It has one claw on each leg, pointing inward. On it's underside, it has a hole, presumably a mouth, with several rows of jagged teeth. The creature can attack by leaping at a target's head, and latching onto the neck with its legs. Removal of the creature at this point could cause fatal blood loss. The creature will then use its mouth to bite the targets head open. If left alone, SCP-1020b will continue until it reaches the brain. At this stage, SCP-1020b must be removed to prevent another SCP-1020a.

SCP-1020a was a creature identical to SCP-1020b, which attacked class D subject, ██████ ████. After SCP-1020a reached the brain, {DATA EXPUNGED}

Audio file #███-██: [██████ ████]

[A sound that seems to be ██████ ████ opening SCP-1020a's container]

[A shriek that sounds as if from SCP-1020a]

██████ ████: {REMOVED}

[Muffled shouts are heard at this point, presumably because ██████ ████ had his mouth covered by SCP-1020a]

[Silence. This continues for 1 hour. Afterward, there is a powerful moaning. This moaning has not ceased since.]

██████ ████ was found on the floor, with his chest split open and bleeding. He had what seemed to be the beginnings of teeth forming on the edge of this cut. SCP-1020a was still attached. ██████ ████ proceeded to rise and attempt to strike personnel. The door was sealed, and much heavier precautions were taken with SCP-1020b.

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