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Item #: SCP-1025

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1025 is to be contained in Botanical Garden 05-6 at Site 19 which functions as its containment cell. Personnel are not to attack or act hostile to SCP-1025 in any way. SCP-1025 is omnivorous, but is not to be fed [DATA EXPUNGED] at any time, even in the smallest of portions. SCP-1025 is to be fed daily at 15:00. For a complete list of SCP-1025's diet and feeding schedules, personnel should see one of Site 19's Botanical Garden Overseers.

Description: SCP-1025 is a dark green Kenyan Mangrove Crab. It was discovered deep in a cave in [EXPUNGED] by a paramedic and an SCP Team that were notified of its abilities by [EXPUNGED]. A mutilated corpse was also found by SCP-1025, determined to be █████████. SCP-1025 is sentient on a standard human level, and responds only to the name "█████," discovered when it ███████ its name to personnel with its claws. SCP-1025's claws can pierce and cut through any material in existence, including high density titanium, granite, [DATA EXPUNGED], and diamond. SCP-1025 will respond to commands if not threatened, but will not take excessive activities, or excessive use of its claws. It seems to sharpen its claws on rocks from time to time, although they never dull. It requires water and food, and likes to sleep in Garden 05-6's cave in the afternoon.

SCP-529 and SCP-530 were allowed to visit with SCP-1025 for approximately one hour. All of them enjoyed they time together, and seemed to want to spend more time with each other. Both SCP-529 and SCP-530 are allowed to visit SCP-1025 at 13:00 for two hours every Thursday.

Experiments with other indestructible and sentient SCP's are planned.

"Personnel are again, advised not to act hostile to SCP-1025. This has resulted in deaths on more than one occasion on the personnel's behalf. -Dr. Klein"

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